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Transforming Learning in High School for College and Career Success.

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1 Transforming Learning in High School for College and Career Success

2 Agenda Current CTE and Need for Change Goals Accomplishments Partnership with ConnectEd Next Steps

3 Where We’ve Been

4 Student Enrollment in CTE Students

5 High Growth Jobs 5 Students Based upon data from the Gulf Coast Workforce Board, 2013

6 The Need for Change 6 Findings from Gap Analysis conducted by Dr. Jim Stone, Director, National Research Center for Career & Technical Education: 1)Our current CTE programs are not preparing students for high-growth, high-demand jobs 2)Many of our high schools are offering the same CTE career pathways, causing redundancy in low-demand fields 3)The school facilities are not adequate to support the types of CTE programs being offered or that need to be offered, and 4)The instructional models are not innovative in providing students opportunities for internships, student-run businesses or student organizations to support the career pathways

7 Where We Are Headed

8 Goals 1.Ensure equitable access to quality CTE programs for all students 2.Provide relevant and highly engaging coursework 3.Increase the number of students graduating with industry-recognized certificates and relevant work experience 4.Increase student opportunities to earn college credits and potentially Associate’s Degrees

9 9 Accomplishments Implemented >FUTURES Academy Streamlined industry certifications Researched nationally recognized programs Established the HISD Chamber of Commerce Aligned with 2012 Bond Program Engaged ConnectEd

10 ConnectEd Partnership Our current partnership with ConnectEd furthers our high school transformation work by: Strategic Planning and Alignment Stakeholder Engagement Training and Coaching Online Education Platform – Linked Learning & ConnectEd Studios Formalizing Work-Based Learning Experiences

11 …a non-profit organization that partners with communities to transform education through Linked Learning. Linked Learning combines strong academies, demanding technical education, real world experience and personalized support to ensure all students, regardless of life circumstance, graduate ready for college, career and life. 11 ConnectEd is...

12 12

13 Leads the multi-year California Linked Learning District Initiative that includes Long Beach, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Oakland and over 150,000 HS students so far. Serves as lead technical assistance provider for AB790 state-wide Linked Learning pilot. Expanded Linked Learning into Michigan, Wyoming, and Texas, with more states to come. 13 ConnectEd

14 14 Four Pillars of Linked Learning A comprehensive four-year program of study in a career-themed pathway integrating: Rigorous academics Real-world technical skills Work-based learning Personalized supports

15 How we know it’s working Linked Learning students… Attend school more consistently (2-4% improvement) Are more likely to graduate; less likely to dropout (57% vs. 36% statewide in CA) Enroll and persist in postsecondary programs at higher rates (10+%) Earn as much as $2,500 more annually in the eight years after high school graduation 15

16 16 Common Pathway Features Operate as small learning communities within large schools or as small-themed schools Utilize a common set of student learning outcomes to guide and align assessment, curriculum, and instruction Blend rigorous academic and career- themed course content through rigorous and relevant standards-aligned projects Offer dual-enrollment and dual-credit with college institutions

17 17 Creating a System of High-Quality Pathways

18 18 Systemic Approach to Linked Learning

19 19 Next Steps Identify High Schools for Phase I Train Coaches Conduct Summer training on Linked Learning Implement Districtwide CTE Pathways Formalize Industry Partnerships Finalize Student Enrollment in >Futures 2013-2014 cohort (Ongoing)

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