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Diversey Rebates Distributor User Manual. Link: CLICK.

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1 Diversey Rebates Distributor User Manual

2 Link: CLICK

3 1) Enter the Account, Contact and Address Details. 3) Choose to Opt in if you would like. 2) Type validation code seen in the box below. 5) Submit your information. 4) Choose to Opt in if you would like.

4 Distributors will receive an email when the account has been approved by the Diversey Team. Once the email is received please log in. The default password is “password”.

5 Sign in to your account

6 Choose the rebate you would like to enter by clicking the name of the rebate.

7 After choosing your rebate, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the number of units purchased.

8 The amount of your requested rebate will calculate. * When you have completed your rebate request, you must attach your back up by clicking attachments.

9 **** You MUST name the document **** before you can upload. Click upload document, select your file.

10 Find your backup file and open it. Save your changes. The back will show in the thumbnail. Close the box..

11 Scroll to the rebate request and click in the bottom number of cases. You do not need enter anything, just click in the box. This is being fixed and will not be needed in the near future. Once you click the SUBMIT REBATE REQUET button will be available. Click to submit.

12 Read and accept the terms and agreements.

13 You will then be forwarded to your rebate Request History. By signing in and clicking the dollar bill icon, you can see the status of your rebate.

14 You may now log out

15 If you receive an error at set up, your account may already be in the system. Try logging in with your email address and “password” as the default password. Please change your password after signing in.


17 How to Navigate: This icon will take you to your profile. You may make changes to your profile here and submit.

18 All Available Rebates

19 Your rebate history and status of rebates.

20 Log out

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