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UNIT 2 KINDNESS By: Mrs. Aly Mildred Goss Elementary

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1 UNIT 2 KINDNESS By: Mrs. Aly Mildred Goss Elementary

2 What is Kindness? Washing the dishes for my mom Helping my friends Taking care of my pet

3 Who can be kind? Parents Grandparents Teachers Friends Family Animals

4 How can you be kind? Give to someone in need Help someone who is hurt Show that you care

5 Why should you be kind? To feel good about yourself To make good friends People will have good memories of you

6 Examples of Kindness Help your friend who does not understand how to play a game Help your parent wash the dishes Watering plants

7 When can you be kind? Every day Don’t wait for people to be kind: Show them how!!

8 Can we show kindness at your school?  Pick up trash  Be patient  Open a door for someone  Play a game with your brother and sister  Smile at someone new  Lend a classmate a pencil

9 Can We Do More??  Help someone with a heavy load  Treat others as you would like to be treated  Water a dry houseplant  Forgive someone in your family/ or a friend  Read to a younger child  Help a teacher  Clean your room at home  Listen to a friend who needs to talk

10 AND EVEN MORE????  Help someone with his/her costume  Say thank you  Help a classmate with a problem  Let another go first  Say HI! To someone in another grade  Tell a family member why you love him or her  Show respect  Play with your pet  Help a family member with a chore  Help an elderly person  Make a new friend  Comfort a sad classmate

11 KINDNESS IS ENDLESS!!!! It should be our way of life

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