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By: Al-Aminul Haque Jonathan Mackey Sarah Jakupovic.

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1 By: Al-Aminul Haque Jonathan Mackey Sarah Jakupovic

2  Mechanical engineers have analytical minds and tend to have an expertise in fixing things  Focuses on machines, dynamics, moving parts, and systems  Engineering is a profession that uses math and science, along with studies, experience and practice, to develop ways to economically use materials and forces

3  Automotive Engineering- car manufacturing  Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering- aircraft, space vehicles, rockets  Nuclear Engineering- Nuclear Energy: nuclear fusions, radiations, movements of atoms, fission and fusion energy  Robotics- robotic arms/legs etc  Marine Engineering- on the sea, marine vessels, ships etc.  Acoustical Engineering- supression/generation of sound ex: soundproof room/ quieter machines

4  There will always be new advances with technology rising.  Better standard of living  AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING : FASTER, NICER, SMOOTHER, HIGH-TECH, GAS- EFFICIENT, ECO-FRIENDLY CARS!

5  Roughly 1.6 million engineers were employed in the US in 2009  15% of those engineers were mechanical engineers  Second largest percentage behind Civil Engineering  Students could search for openings in internship level positions.  Career Fairs are helpful and being part of an organization can keep you up to date

6  A Variety of Mechanical Engineering specific Courses  Fluid mechanics, statics, dynamics  Thermodynamics/ heat transfer  Hydraulics  Materials engineering  Design Graphics  Other Foundations: social sciences, history, ethics, humanities  Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English

7  Projected 5% growth from 2012 to 2022 (slower than average)  Job growth varies depending on which industry you work for

8  The BE (basic engineering) classes - BE 1200, BE 1300, BE 1310, BE 2100, BE 2550  The ME (mechanical engineering) classes - ME 2200, ME 2400, ME 2420, ME 3300, ME 3400, ME 3450, ME 4150, ME 4210, ME 4300, ME 4410, ME 4500, ME 4420

9  Recognizing an issue with a customer  The use of Conceptual Design consisting of: drafts, Ideas, and various solutions  Any Modifications  Testing: Analysis of the designs  Improving a prototype  Communicating: Drawings and Blueprints  Production: Finished Design, Manufacturing, Distribution.

10  Technology is rapidly changing and expanding, therefore many mistakes could be made which require people to fix them.  This is where engineers are needed.

11  These are likely to affect the disciplines by giving them something to fix.  Engineers will also have to keep up with technology as it changes.  For example, automotive engineering is changing by the minute. There are recalls called often for the new cars. Engineers have to be the ones to solve the issues being caused.

12  If you have a innate curiosity about the way something works…  If you add extra contraptions to improve the quality of something….  If you want to improve the quality of living for yourself, but more importantly others….  If you want to BE THE CHANGE AND MAKE THE CHANGE

13   gineering gineering  anical_engineering_sub_disciplines.asp anical_engineering_sub_disciplines.asp  %20to%20Engineering.ppt %20to%20Engineering.ppt  mechanical-engineers_17-2141.00

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