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California State University East Bay

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1 Engineering @ California State University East Bay
Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering

2 Outline What is Industrial Engineering? What is Computer Engineering?
Why Cal State East Bay?

3 Industrial Engineering
Industrial engineering is concerned with how to design, organize, implement and operate the basic factors of production/service (materials, equipment, people, information, and energy) in the most efficient manner possible The goal of industrial engineers is to improve the operation of systems with regard of cost, quality, productivity, and safety Industrial engineers can work in manufacturing industry, service industry and for government agencies

4 Where can Industrial Engineers Work?
Manufacturing Industry Manufacturing Engineer Production Engineer Quality Engineer Engineering Manager examples: Automotive, Aerospace and Electronic Manufacturers Service Industry System Analyst Industrial Engineer examples: UPS, FedEx, Airlines, Banks Government Agencies

5 Topics in IE Operations research Simulation Human factors/ergonomics
Quality Work design and measurement Facilities planning Production/operations planning Engineering economics Manufacturing

6 Where Can I Get More Information About IE ?
Institute of Industrial Engineers at:

7 Computer Engineering Computer engineers are electrical engineers that have additional training in the areas of software design and hardware-software integration. In turn, they focus less on power systems Computer engineers are involved on all aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers, supercomputers to circuit design, as well as the integration of computer systems into other kinds of systems, (a motor vehicle, for example, has a number of subsystems that are computer controlled)

8 Topics in Computer Engineering
Programming language concepts Data structures Circuit theory Computer Architecture Digital design Data communication and networking VLSI circuit design Signal processing

9 Where can C.Es. Work? High Tech computer, Communication industry
Industrial automation industry Automotive industry Aerospace industry

10 Where Can I get More Information About CE?
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

11 Engineering Program at CSUEB
The Department of Engineering was established in 2001 as part of the College of Science Two options are available: Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering

12 Program Objectives The Department of Engineering provides a quality engineering education to produce graduates who: - Exhibit evidence of successfully applying their learned skills throughout their professional pursuits Have the enthusiasm and aptitude to continuously pursue learning Have the ability to communicate and work well on teams that include engineers and colleagues from other disciplines Are recognized as qualified engineers with high ethical standards

13 Engineering Program at CSUH (Students)
Engineering students are a diverse group with varying backgrounds and age groups Incoming population: freshmen, transfer students, returning students working in local companies and organizations Many of our students are working part time Majority of classes are offered late afternoon/evening

14 Engineering Program at CSUEB
Faculty Five full time faculty Five faculty with joint appointment with computer science, statistics, and business Part time faculty from the local industry

15 Degree Awarded Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Engineering
(Industrial Engineering or Computer Engineering)

Admission into MBA Program AND 12/11 Extra Courses B.S. - Engineering (Industrial Engineering) AND M.B.A. B.S. - Engineering (Industrial Engineering) Minor: (Business Administration) 5 Extra Courses 3 Extra Courses B.S. - Engineering (Industrial Engineering) Minor: (Economics) B.S. - Engineering (Industrial Engineering) B.S. - Engineering (Industrial Engineering) AND B.S. - Comp. Sci. (Software 13/12 Extra Courses B.S. (Industrial Engineering) Minor: (Software Development) 4/5 Extra Courses

17 Industrial Engineering Option @ CSUEB (Curriculum)
General education courses The same as all other majors at CSUEB Lower division courses (57 Units) Include math, chemistry, physics, and introductory engineering courses Upper division courses Industrial Engineering (73 units). Include manufacturing systems, quality engineering, human factors, work measurement, facilities planning, production planning, systems simulation, and others Electives, (12 units)

18 Computer Engineering Option @ CSUEB (Curriculum)
General education courses The same as all other majors at CSUEB Lower division courses (66) Include math, chemistry, physics, and introductory engineering courses Upper division courses Computer Engineering (66 units) Includes topics in Programming Language Concepts, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Digital Design Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Data Communication and Networking, Digital Signal Processing, VLSI Circuit Design, Operating Systems, Electric Circuits Theory and Lab, Capstone Design Electives (8)

19 Engineering Program @ CSUEB (Curriculum)
Lower division courses can be taken in community colleges or at CSUEB To find equivalent courses, go to:

20 Engineering Program at CSUEB (Laboratories)
Engineering Analysis Laboratory PC’s networked and loaded with industrial engineering, CAD, optimization, and computer engineering software. Machine tools and Robotic arms Several computer labs in the College of Science PC’s and workstations loaded with state of the art computer science, statistics, and optimization software. Human Performance Measurement Laboratory Performance measurement system Work measurement software Quality testing laboratory Variety of material testing and measurement equipment such as CMM, MTS, etc.

21 News B.S. Degree Program in Computer Engineering (Fall 2007)
Graduate Program, (M.S.) in Engineering Management (Fall 2006) We will start an undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Construction Management (Fall 2009) We are housed in the new Business and Technology building We have plenty of laboratory space and funding to purchase new equipment for industrial and computer engineering programs The facility includes advanced computing labs for teaching and research.

22 Engineering Program at CSUEB
Internships and Co-op education We have an active program for placing students in internship positions. We are also encouraging our students to participate in Co-op education Our future Continue rapid growth Addition of other engineering disciplines

23 Research Assistantship
Alliance for Minority Participation grant for students to work with faculty on research projects (AMP) Scholarships MESA, Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) schools grant

24 Department of Engineering CSU East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd. Hayward, CA Tel: (510) Fax: (510)

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