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Teen Pregnancy By: Mariya Levenets.

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1 Teen Pregnancy By: Mariya Levenets

2 Background Information
According to a study, in 1981 the United States had the highest rate of teen pregnancies. This rate was “. . .twice that of England, Wales, France, Canada, three times that of Sweden, and six times that of the Netherlands.” The number of teen pregnancies increased in from 839,000 to 1,151, 800 in 1980.

3 Background Information
About 750, 000 women between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant every year. There is an increase of abortions due to this high rate of teen pregnancies. The United States is the leading developing country in teen pregnancy.


5 Pregnant teens Pregnancy is one of the reasons females fail to complete school. Seven out of ten female adolescents who were pregnant did not finish high school. Moreover, less than one third of female teens who gave birth before the age of eighteen are less likely to graduate from high school.

6 causes Socioeconomic status Less use of protection
Age and Cognitive Development Knowledge of Sex Family Structure

7 Consequences for Teen Mothers
Teen mothers under age fifteen experience pregnancy complications. Toxemia Anemia Premature labor High maternal labor deaths

8 Consequences For Children
Physical problems Brain injuries, neurological problems, cerebral palsy, and deafness and blindness. Educational Achievement Preparing for school, intelligence scores, and repeating grades. Behavioral Problems These children tend to have behavior disorders and difficulty socially. The age of the mother giving birth has an impact on the social emotional development of the child along with the unstable family and low economic status.

9 Consequences For Children
Possibility of becoming a teen parent According to a study, twenty percent teen fathers were children of teen parents, in comparison to fourteen percent of men who became parents at the age of twenty. Fifteen percent of mothers were children of teen mothers, compared to ten percent females who waited to have children.

10 prevention Educate teens about sex Youth development programs
Parents should learn how to talk to teens about preventing pregnancy, delaying sexual intercourse, birth control, and relationships. Provide access to contraceptives and services.

11 Prevention programs Girls Inc. Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy
Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program Prevention Programs for Men Wise Guys D.A.D

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