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Is this the major you have been looking for? Health Education Program.

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1 Is this the major you have been looking for? Health Education Program

2 Are you interested in… Nutrition Physical Activity Helping Others Teaching Marketing Drug Prevention Improving Your Health Preventative Medicine Mental Health Stress Management

3 Would you like to work in… Community and State Health Departments Government Agencies Corporations Schools Hospitals Non-profit Organizations

4 STOP SEARCHING… We Have the Major for YOU!!


6 Health Education Program Includes two Options: Community Health School Health Both options share a common core of required courses. Followed by professional competency courses and a variety of electives that lead to expertise in specific areas of interests.

7 Program Opportunities Community Health Students complete 400 hours as interns at professional organizations within the community. School Health Students complete a full semester of student teaching at the secondary level. Students have the opportunity to be involved in the student chapter of the Health Education Association of Utah. Membership in this organization provides students with opportunities to participate in health promotion on campus and in the community and to network with professionals. Students are prepared to take the CHES exam to become a Certified Health Education Specialist, adding greatly to their credentials and earning power.

8 Facts About the Program The future of health education as a career is growing. Employment and graduate school placement among our graduates is very high. Professors are consistently given high ranking on instructor evaluations from their students. Professors work closely with students.

9 Web-Based Courses HEP 2500-Health and Wellness HEP 3000-Drugs and Human Behavior HEP 3100-School Health Programs HEP 3200-Consumer Health HEP 3600-Introduction to Community Health

10 Graduate Program Masters of Science Assistantships Research Teaching PH.D Preparation Thesis Required Opportunities Administration Advanced Pay Scale Advanced Responsibility

11 Would you like to take… Nutrition Stress Management Planning & Evaluation Teaching Methods First Aid Health & Wellness Social Marketing Consumer Health Sexuality Education Drugs & Human Behavior Complementary Medicine

12 For more information about the: Contact: Julie Gast @ 797-1490, or

13 Questions or Comments?

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