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COMMON COMPUTER SECURITY ISSUES. Jade Walker Jade Walker Campsmount Academy.

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1 COMMON COMPUTER SECURITY ISSUES. Jade Walker Jade Walker Campsmount Academy

2 COMMON COMPUTER ISSUES!  Viruses  Trojans  Spyware  Spam Jade Walker Campsmount Academy

3 VIRUSES!  Viruses are quite common on most computers. A virus can be started by the opening or closing of an email, illegal downloads such as games and music, and other types of copying/downloading. A virus can slow down your computer rapidly. It can also make your computer crash completely which could result in the data on the computer being lost and files being deleted. Some can even create a virus that will hack in to all your personal information such as passwords and emails. To prevent your computer from getting a virus you could avoid downloading illegal things and opening unusual emails. Jade Walker Campsmount Academy

4 TROJANS!  A Trojan is an email virus usually released by an email attachment. If opened it will scour your hard drive for any personal and financial information such as your social security, accounts and pin numbers. Once it has collected your info, it is sent to a thief's database. Once a Trojan gets into your computer, it will eventually start to slow your computer down. Avoid downloading content from unknown or disreputable pages, Keep an updated antivirus If you don’t have an antivirus, and you will be protected from these threats. Jade Walker Campsmount Academy

5 SPYWARE!  Spyware is used to describe a software that performs certain behaviours, it usually creeps onto the computer and does things without your consent. For example, advertising, collecting personal information and changing the configuration of your computer. Some kinds of spyware make changed to your computer which can be annoying and make your computer slow down or crash. They can also invade your privacy and bombard you with pop-up windows. To prevent spyware from getting to your computer you could use a firewall, update your software, adjust internet explorer security settings, download antispyware protection and surf and download more safely. Jade Walker Campsmount Academy

6 SPAM!  Spam viruses are destructive to computers and can damage a system in a variety of different ways. Spam viruses or spyware can download multiple pop-up ads to your system that slow your computer performance and disrupt other computer functions. Spam viruses also send themselves out to other people through your e-mail. Removing spam viruses requires the proper use of anti-virus programs that can locate the virus files and eliminate them. To minimise the amount of spam you get, you can fight back and report them. Jade Walker Campsmount Academy

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