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Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell.  Computer viruses- are pieces of programs that are purposely made up to infect your computer.  Examples: › Internet.

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1 Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

2  Computer viruses- are pieces of programs that are purposely made up to infect your computer.  Examples: › Internet worm › Virus › Spyware › Spam Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

3  Internet Worm-is a program that replicates itself so many times that it causes the internet server to crash.  The internet worm was the very first successful virus that was able to shutdown computers all over the world. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

4  Spyware- is software that obtains information from a user's computer without the user's knowing. Examples: › Parasite Ware -is a way for webmaster to sell products and help fund websites by overwriting tracking links. › Adware –is a program that can do a number of things like sending pop-ups and annoying ads while surfing on the web. › Malware – is a virus setup to disrupt the computer system. A Trojan horse popping up can be classified as malware. › Page hijackers- is an application that is used to control the home page on your computer and reset it to the hijackers choice. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

5  Spam-is the abuse of sending unwanted bulk messages. › Unsolicited Bulk Email- is mail sent to many different recipients that don’t ask for them. › Unsolicited Commercial Email- is some what the same as UBE. Organizations have found a way to send information regarding their company to your email even though you don’t want it and have blocked it. › Mail Bombing- is when people receive a huge amount of messages in their inbox just to overload their email. › Flaming- is email sent with offensive content. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

6  Computer safety is the technological precautions that you practice on your computer system to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information.  Examples: › Window Defender › Firewall › Activate Window Update › Firefox Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

7  Windows Defender-is software that helps protect your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware. It detects the infects and removes them. › The benefits of having Window Defender:  Spyware detection and removal- Window Defender is able to point out different viruses that are caused by spyware and removes them.  Improved Internet browsing safety- Window Defender works in the background by removing spam and spyware while you browse different internet sites. Once you go to a site that is full of spam, Window Defender points it out and removes it.  Protection against the latest threats- Window defender was set up by Microsoft to make it so that your computer could be protected from the latest threats by giving your computer a update automatically. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

8  Firewall- Forms a barrier of protection from the spread of viruses throughout your computers. › Different Types of Firewall  Packet filtering firewall- This type of firewall has security rules which can block IP protocol, IP address and/or port number.  Deep Packet Inspection firewall- examines the data in the packet, and can therefore look at application layer attacks.  Application-aware firewall- this type of firewall understands certain protocols and can parse them, so that signatures or rules can specifically address certain fields in the protocol.  Application proxy firewall- An application proxy acts as an intermediary for certain application traffic (such as HTTP, or web, traffic), intercepting all requests and validating them before passing them along. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

9 Firefox-is an internet browser that eliminates viruses and enables you to surf the web at the same time. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

10 Window Update- uses active control and scripting to determine which updates to apply to your computer without you getting a viruses. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

11  When using a public computer, shut it completely down after it’s use. › Public computers are the main way internet hijackers can steal your information. By shutting down your computer after you use it, you will delete your information that was entered. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

12  Never leave your login information up at anytime. › Always log out of the site when you re finish using the computer. Many websites have automatic login features that will save your information. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

13  Erase your tracks › Make sure you delete your history after you use a public computer. Internet Explore has software that can keep a record of the information you enter even after you logout. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

14  Make sure you watch who is around you went logon the computer. › When using the public computer always watch for thieves standing behind, while you enter your personal information. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

15  Never type personal information into a public computer. › Avoid typing your credit card number and any other financial information into a public computer. Internet hijackers can install software on public computers that can record your information and send it back to them. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

16  Anti-Virus Programs › Always make sure your computer has anti- virus programs. This enables your computer to be free from different viruses that may destroy your computer and make it crash. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

17  Data Backups › When using your personal computer, you should have data backups. This ensures that when problems with your arises, your information will be saved. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

18  Strong Passwords › When setting up your different accounts, make sure you use only strong passwords. Using your birthday, child's name, or your cats name is not a good password. You should use a strong password that no one will think of, therefore no one will be able to get in to your accounts. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

19  Email Attachments › Be very careful when accepting different email attachments from people. Email attachments can be used by hackers to get into your computer system and steal your information. When receiving attachments, make sure you know who it is from before you open it. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

20  Downloading and Installation › Downloading and Installing any kind of program to your computer is the easiest way for computer hackers to receive your information. Make sure you check the program before you download it. Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell


22  Active window defender: mspx mspx  Computer protection:  Computer Protection at home:  Computer Safety tips:  Different types of spam:  Different types of spyware: types-of-spyware types-of-spyware  Different Types of viruses: Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

23  FireFox Protection:  FireWall Protection:  Safety tips:  Safety Tips at Home: http://www.safetytips411.co  Spyware protection: spyware.mspx spyware.mspx  Tips: http://www.e-bc/medi/ebizguides/handouts/5-free-things-you-can- do-to-protect-your-computer.pdfhttp://www.e-bc/medi/ebizguides/handouts/5-free-things-you-can- do-to-protect-your-computer.pdf  Windows Update: us us Detrick Robinson & Amris Treadwell

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