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Brock Renken Phone Number: 808-956-811 Address:

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1 Brock Renken Phone Number: 808-956-811 Email Address:

2 Mission Statement A primary purpose of the University of Hawai'i is to serve the people of Hawai'i by preparing its students to be internationally engaged citizens, by enriching the educational experience of students and faculty, and by connecting the citizens of Hawai'i with ideas, talent, and economic opportunity from the vibrant cultures and economies of the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Across its ten campuses, the University of Hawai'i is committed to being a preeminent international center of learning, discovery, application, and service in Ocean, the Asia-Pacific region, and beyond. It also fosters among students and faculty global perspectives and attitudes, and adaptability to a rapidly changing environment.

3 High school Courses High School Courses CoursesCredits English4 Math3 Science3 Social Studies3 Total College Prep Courses17 Electives5 Total22

4 Incoming Freshman ACT & SAT Scores Requirements Test Scores 1.ACT- The scores needs to be a composite score of 22 overall throughout the English, Math and Writing. 2.SAT- The Score needs to be a 510 score on the Critical Reading, Math and Writing.

5 Freshman Overall GPA Requirements & High School Rank GPA- The overall Grade Point Average (GPA) must be cumulative to a 2.8 or higher. High School Rank- The incoming Freshman students must be in the Top 40 Percent.

6 AP Requirements for the Incoming Freshmen UH Mānoa grants credits on the basis of the CEEB Advanced Placement Examinations. Credits for AP examinations do not count toward the 24 credit requirement for admission as a transfer student, nor do they exempt the student from submitting SAT/ACT scores or high school transcripts. ool transcripts.

7 Room & Board and Tuition An Incoming Undergraduate 1.In- State Tuition - $8,400 2.Out- of – State Tuition- $23,232 Room & Board 1.10,279

8 Sports and Recreation 1.The University of Hawaii offers tons of opportunities for both Male & Female students. For Example the University offers;  Men’s Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Golf, Diving, Swimming, and Tennis  Women’s Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Sailing, Sand volleyball, Softball, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, and Water Polo -

9 The Hawaii Warrior is a 38 Year old Professional entertainer who Intimidates Opponents at Men’s Volleyball and Football games!! The Mascot

10 Academics UH Mánoa offers more than 200 degree programs including; Oceanography Astronomy International business Earth Science Marine biology Library & Informational Science The degree programs above, are top ranked among the nations best!

11 Major Area of Study Degree Available 1.Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology Requirements 1.15 hours in chosen class( General Biology) 1 Credit of directed research in approved disciplines One or more laboratory courses at the 300 level or above. This major will require six years of college education.

12 Sources msheets/ msheets/ m-sports-trivia-6/ m-sports-trivia-6/

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