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Barack Obama Ryan L. and Dylan H. Mrs. Hart 4 th Grade.

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1 Barack Obama Ryan L. and Dylan H. Mrs. Hart 4 th Grade

2 Early Life and Family  Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961.  Barack was multiracial, which means his mother was white and his father was black.  His mother filed for a divorce with his father in 1964.  When he was 10 his real father visited him.  His mother was from Kansas and his father was from the African Nation of Kenya  Moved to Jakarta, Indonesia (Time unknown)  Barack was raised by his grandparents most of his life.

3 Education  Barack Hussein Obama left Indonesia to attend a school in Hawaii, Punahou School.  People were mean to him at first until his real father came to talk more about his life and Barack’s life.  Barack went to Occidental College until he got a scholarship for Columbia University  He graduated from Columbia University in 1983.

4 Interests and Hobbies  Barack Obama was really into basketball  He was also into politics  He was really interested in his father Barack Obama Sr.

5 Hardships and Problems  Since Barack was black he had it hard  He could not get into a school right away  His stepfather died in 1987  Mother died of cancer in 1995 when she was 52

6 Accomplishments  Community Organizer  Intern  First black to receive Harvard Law Review president.  Got a Civil Rights job  Lawyer  Teacher at University of Chicago  1 st black president  Served 2 terms

7 Interesting Facts  Barack’s mother died the same year his first autobiography came out - 1995  Met Michelle when he was an intern - she was his advisor  Selected by presidential candidate John Kerry to deliver the Keynote address at the Democratic National Convention  Barack called his grandma, “Toot” and his grandfather, “Gramps”.

8 Bibliography  Marcovitz, Hal. Obama’s First Family of Hope; Barack. Broomall, Pennsylvania: Mason Crest Publishers Inc., 2009. Print.  Nichols, Catherine. Barack Obama. Mankato, MN: The Child's World, 2009. Print.  "Obama, Barack." America the Beautiful. Grolier Online, 2013. Web. 15 Mar. 2013.

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