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Career Decision-Making Process

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2 Career Decision-Making Process
There are 4 Basic Steps in the Process: Self Assessment Major Exploration Career Research Gain Relevant Experience

3 1. Self Assessment Identify your VIPS Values Interests Personality
Skills Assess your characteristics, then explore career options that match your VIPS or Lots of Free Time High Income & Status

4 2. Major Exploration Consider academic options by gathering information about a variety of majors Use PREPs’ resources to conduct research about majors Develop an ongoing relationship with advisors, staff, & faculty, and talk with other students about majors Identify several majors that fit your Values, Interests, Skills, and Personality Talk to an advisor about your major to get you on the right track and keep up with any changes in your degree program You Your Advisor

5 3. Career Research Identify future options based on information about a variety of careers Use resources to find out about different careers within your chosen major Conduct informational interviews and job shadows with professionals in your field Develop a career plan

6 4. Gain Relevant Experience
Try on potential careers to develop skills for success Volunteer Service Learning Internships Involvement in Campus, Community, or Professional Organizations Job Shadow Research Opportunities

7 Pre-Professional & Career Preparation (PREPs)
One-on-one Career Counseling Cover Letter & Resume Preparation tips and assistance Interviewing tips and assistance Workshops Career fair strategies Job search tips Internships, volunteer, and shadowing assistance


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