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Automated Contract Administration Project PIP Level II Presentation by Lisa A. Bowden August 24, 1999.

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1 Automated Contract Administration Project PIP Level II Presentation by Lisa A. Bowden August 24, 1999

2 Outline V I. Introduction V II. Project Approach V III. Data Results V IV. Advantages V V. Disadvantages V VI. Implementation Recommendations 2

3 Introduction V Selected for Contract Administrator position in September 1997 V Role of the Contract Administrator –Enforcing terms & conditions –Ensuring timely deliverables –Managing the overall business relationship 3

4 Introduction ( Continued ) V What tools are currently available to assist the Contract Administrator? –Checklist for Contract Award File Content, NF 1098 (Enclosure 1) –Contract Closeout Checklist, NF 1612 (Enclosure 2) –Autoclause for generation of solicitations and contracts –Current and planned tools are limited –IFMP implementation October 1, 2000 4

5 Introduction (Continued) V Approach to Contract Administration –Become familiar with the requirements and obligations of both the government and the contractor –Generate a checklist for each of the major tasks identified in the contract 5

6 Introduction (Continued) V Importance to Directorate –Provide a baseline for project monitoring and scheduling –Serve as a simple reference sheet indicating the status of the contract –Provide a tool for efficient and effective contract administration to all contract specialists and/or administrators at GSFC and standardize procedures throughout the entire agency 6

7 Project Approach V Phase I - Research –List of clauses from Autoclause For Cost- Reimbursement Type Contract –Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) –NASA FAR Supplement –Goddard Handbook V Ten Clauses were chosen for demonstration purposes (Attachment A) 7

8 Project Approach (Continued) V Choice of Clauses and Deliverables –Report of Work SF298 –NASA Contractor Financial Management Reporting NF 533 –New Technology Reporting NF 1679 & DD 882 –Financial Report of NASA Property NF 1018 –Subcontracting Plan and Reports for Small Business Concerns SF 294 & SF 295 8

9 Project Approach (Continued) –On-Site Contractor Personnel Requirements and Reports GF 24-27 –Insurance - Work on Government Installation, Certificate of Insurance –Submission of Voucher for Payment SF 1034 –Past Performance Evaluation NF 1680 –Exercise of Option SF 30 9

10 Project Approach (Continued) V Phase II - Options available to implement system n Microsoft Suite (Access) –Available on all computers n IFMP programmed to recognize deliverables at time of solicitation n Award date signals calculation of deliverable dates n Availability of charts from programmed data to plot performance n Link to all possible contract deliverables 10 10

11 Project Approach (Continued) V Additional features available n Automatic reminders via email n Automatic posting of reports as they are received electronically n Calculation of variance charts from deliverable dates n Automatic posting of final report dates to the contract closeout milestone schedule 11 11

12 12 Data Input Screen 12

13 13 Milestone Schedule 13

14 Advantages V Provide a tool for contract administration V Better service to our customers V Provide more efficient contract administration by linking pre-award, post-award, and closeout milestones V Provide clear and concise documents of contract administration for our quality records V Provide new CA’s with a guide of key points to monitor V Checklist will be unique and individually tailored to each contract 14 14

15 Advantages (Continued) V Quick glance guidance for outstanding issues V Provide informative data on receipt of various deliverables and/or outstanding issues V Automated reminders could be programmed to notify CA’s through email or another system compatible with IFMP V Post milestone schedule on Internet V Milestone schedule conversion to variance chart V Proactive approach to ensure timely deliverables 15 15

16 Advantages (Continued) V Tool to assist in contract closeout V Link milestone schedule to closeout milestone schedule automatically V Provide a tool for more effective contract administration at GSFC and standardize procedures throughout agency V Tie in implementation of milestone schedule with the current implementation of the IFMP system 16 16

17 Disadvantage V Implementation Costs –Time and labor required to design and program the software –Opportune time to incorporate the beginning of the new system, IFMP 17 17

18 Implementation Recommendations V Key feature - generation at time of contract solicitation V Computer automatically generates dates based on award date V Link could be made when forms are submitted electronically to automatically indicate deliverable received V Software for implementation currently available on desktop computers 18 18

19 Implementation Recommendations ( Continued) V With Management’s approval - present to CA meeting for further ideas, suggestions, etc. V Work with Code 290 for implementation V Present final results to Division V Final Implementation 19 19

20 Final Recommendation In an environment of meeting or exceeding our customer requirements, with a scaled-down workforce, the implementation of an automated contract administration checklist is essential! 20

21 Questions? Thank You 21 Conclusion

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