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Consumer Profiles BMI3C.

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1 Consumer Profiles BMI3C

2 Demographics Age Gender Family Life Cycle Income Culture/Ethnicity

3 Age Pre-customers (0-9) Allowance customers (10-15)
Youth Market (16-19) Postsecondary Market (20-25) Family Formation (25-40) Establishment (40-55) Mature Market (55+)

4 The Baby Boomers The most important group for most businesses in Canada Born after WWII ( ) Soldiers come home and start family Economic prosperity Very large segment of the population (1/3 of country) Demand for products/services over time?

5 Family Life Cycle Single, never married Married, no children
Married, small children Married, adolescent children Married, children grown Separated, divorced, or widowed, no children Separated, divorced, or widowed, small children Separated, divorced, or widowed, adolescent children Blended family, remarried with children from on or both partners’ first marriage and/or children from this partnership

6 Income Level How does a marketer determine your income level?
Postal code Employment Number of children Education Property ownership

7 Culture/Ethnicity Crucial for a company that exports goods
Ex: Wedding gowns for the Chinese market White is a sign of mourning Red is a colour for celebration Also important in a multicultural society

8 Psychographics Beliefs, opinions, interests
Lifestyle, values, religion, taste in music, attitude towards health

9 Geographics Urban: within a city (i.e. downtown Ottawa)
Suburban: outside of the city core (i.e. Barrhaven, Orleans) Rural: in the country (i.e. Osgoode township) How do geographics affect the products/services you buy?

10 Product Use Statistics
Non-Users Medium-light users Heavy Users Why is this useful to marketers? “upconverting” users (i.e. turn non-users into users, turn medium-light users into heavy users) Heavy users of one product (ex: exercise equipment) would probably be a good target market for another (ex: protein shakes)

11 Non-Users Point-of-entry customers True non-users
Ex: car buyers, home buyers, baby products Marketers must create awareness of product, get them to try it Ex: new mothers True non-users Does not plan to use the product Marketer must create a new value equation to convince them to become a user

12 Recap: Consumer profile: Demographics Psychographics Geographics
Age, Gender, Income, Family Life Cycle, Culture/Ethnicity Psychographics Values, lifestyle, interests, etc. Geographics Urban/Suburban/Rural Product Use Statistics Heavy user of…, medium-light user of…

13 Consumer Profile What’s the consumer profile targeted by this advertisement?

14 Homework Create your own consumer profile Hand in Monday

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