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English Studies at Opole University LLP Erasmus

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1 English Studies at Opole University LLP Erasmus
Institute of English Studies Opole University Opole, Poland

2 Opole - capital of Opolskie province

3 Opole on the map of Poland
Wrocław (90 km) – 1 h by train Kraków (Cracovia) (200 km) – 3 h Warsaw (400 km) – 5 h Gdańsk (600 km) - 7 h Berlin (350 km) - 4.5 h (by car) – A4 Highway Prague (300 km) - 4.5 h (by car) Vienna (390 km) - 6 h (by car)

4 Some useful data Population (126,000, urban agglomeration: 265,000)
Airports Wrocław Airport (90 km) Ryanair to Girona, Alicante, Malaga (in the summer only), Lufthansa (via Munich to Malaga) Katowice Airport (90 km) Kraków Airport (190 km) Warsaw Airport (400 km)

5 Old Town

6 At night

7 Some facts about Opole University
Established in 1953 8 Faculties (Chemistry, Economics, Philology, History-Pedagogy, Maths, Physics and IT, Law and Administration, Natural Sciences, Theology) Over students and 1300 lecturers 35 courses of study, 73 specializations, 50 types of postgraduate studies, 6 PhD courses of study

8 Some facts about Faculty of Philology
Students can choose from among a number of specialities*: Polish English (+English with Spanish) German Russian Slavic - Czech Slavic – Serbian and Croatian Romance (French, Italian) *Additional languages to choose: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese

9 Institute of English Studies
Uniwersytet Opolski 9

10 Institute of English (1)
Head: Prof. Andrzej Ciuk Deputies: Dr. Elżbieta Szymańska-Czaplak, Prof. Janusz Malak 29 lecturers Modern library in Collegium Maius building Computer laboratory Classes from Monday through Thursday (full-time studies), Friday-Saturday (part-time studies)

11 Institute of English (2)
3-year-long BA Studies in English Philology (specializations: TEFL, Translation, English and Spanish – starting in the fall 2010) 2 year-long MA Studies in English Philology Wide range of courses in Linguistics, Literature and Culture Studies (all subjects conducted in English) Go to English, ECTS – Course Descriptions friendly and well-meaning lecturers

12 Erasmus Co-ordinators
Institute of English Studies Dr Ewa Piechurska University Co-ordinator Ms Aleksandra Schwarz Websites go to Information for incoming students (Route Maps, Coordinators, Requirements, Information Sheet, List of Courses, Brochure of the University, Accommodation, Useful links) Institute of English Studies Website

13 Erasmus students
Introduction meeting Opole sightseeing Erasmus Students meetings Excursions


15 Costs of living Currency: złoty (PLN) 1 € = 4 PLN
Accommodation in the dorm (per month) 330 PLN = 85 € Train ticket to Wrocław 15 PLN = 3.90 € Loaf of bread 3 PLN = 0.80 € Pizza in the restaurant PLN = 3-7 € Cheeseburger in McDonalds 3 PLN = 0.80 €, BigMac Menu 12 PLN = 3 € Lunch in Greek, Turkish etc restaurants / fastfoods – 15 PLN – 3.90 € Beer (in a shop 3 PLN = 0.80 €, in a pub 5-7 PLN = € No need to use public transport in Opole

16 Looking forward to seeing you in Opole!

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