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MA European Studies Department of European Studies Manipal University.

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1 MA European Studies Department of European Studies Manipal University

2 Manipal  Between Western Ghats and Arabian sea  Situated on the hillock – Vedadri, spread across 4 sq km  A small international university town close to famous temple town of Udupi Major attractions  Manipal birds  End-point  Svarna river  Manipal lake  Temples Manipal in 1950s

3 Manipal University  University with its lively campus of congenial atmosphere and state-of-the-art facilities  22 Institutions  Around 20000 students  From across 50 nations  One of the finest libraries in Asia  One of the best anatomy museums of the world

4 Dept of European Studies  Established in 2009  Funded by The Delegation of European Union to India  Leading Centre for European Studies in India  Leading the association of European Studies in India

5 DES in media


7  Only Centre to offer Masters Program in European Studies  Only Indian member of the Consortium of European universities offering European Studies

8 Programs offered  MA European Studies (One year in Manipal and second year possibly in Europe)  Certificate Course in Spanish Language  Certificate Course in German Language Alliance Francaise – Manipal Chapter offers certificate courses in French

9  Two-year master program  120 ECTS or 90 MU credits  An opportunity to study a part of the program in one of the partner universities in Europe Specialisation  European Business and Economics  International Relations OR  European Society and Culture MA European Studies

10 Program objectives  To prepare participants to take up challenges of working in different cultures in the globalized world  To offer good conceptual understanding of various aspects of European studies like EU institutions, policymaking, governance and, economic and socio-cultural fabric of Europe

11  To provide a good understanding of European history, culture, business environment and practices to participants  To enhance the intercultural competence of students by training them in a few European languages and cultures along with them

12 MA European Studies by Manipal University Partner universities  Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Germany  European School of Business – Reutlingen University, Germany  Universite de Provence Aix Marseille I, France  University of Latvia, Latvia  Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic

13 Highlights  Hands-on cultural training with one year of study in Europe  Opportunity to learn two international languages – French and German  State-of-the-art facilities for training  International learning environment  International career prospects

14  Specially designed curriculum with scope for further specialization  Program structure, credits and academic calendars that match European systems  Visiting faculty from the European universities

15  EU institutions  Industries originating or operating in Europe  International organizations  NGOs and other not-for-profit foundations  Embassies and ministries all over the world  Cultural organizations  Education and research institutions  Translation and interpretation industry  Legal consultancy (with specific focus on European law)  Political parties, foundations and associations  Media, journalism and publications fields Career prospects

16 Other International Partners  Aarhus University, Denmark  Group T International University, Leuven, Belgium  Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands  Hogeschool Utrecht, The Netherlands  Leiden University, The Netherlands  Maastricht University, The Netherlands  Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), Spain  Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, France  University of Warsaw, Poland

17 Facultyspeak  The European Union is the biggest trading partner of India. Many European companies wish to profit from the booming Indian economy and do business in India. A growing number of Indian companies are eager to enter the European market as well. This results in a demand for experts who are well acquainted with European economy, culture, languages and politics. Teaching European Business Law to highly motivated Indian students as a visiting professor from a German partner university was a rewarding experience. I am pleased with the excellently equipped and professionally organized learning environment that Manipal Centre for European Studies is providing. Prof (Dr and Jur) Friedrich Lehmann - Director of the Program Master in European Studies – Hochschule Bremen, Germany

18 Centre for European Studies Audio Visual Resources – CESAR CESAR facilitates understanding of European history, culture, language, literature etc., with the help of audio-visual resources.

19 Alliance Francaise – Manipal Chapter Alliance Francaise has its Manipal Chapter with an office in the premises of MCES, which offers certificate courses in French language

20 Important dates  Last date for application: June 10, 2014  Date of interview: June 15, 2014  Date of commencement of classes: August 9, 2014 Program Fee Rs 40,000 for the first year of study in Manipal Those who study a part of the program have to pay directly to the host university in Europe. Scholarships Students can apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarships for the second year of study at the partner universities in Europe. As Manipal University is a member of the IBIES consortium, students can apply as per the IBIES calls. For details of scholarship, visit Apart from this, several other scholarships or also available to study a part of the program at partner universities.

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