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E NRIQUE ' S J OURNEY B Y : S ONIA N AZARIO Angel Gamboa Richie Tang.

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1 E NRIQUE ' S J OURNEY B Y : S ONIA N AZARIO Angel Gamboa Richie Tang

2 I NTRODUCTION A story about a young boy seeking to reunite with his mother Lourdes. Lourdes leaves to the United States to work. Lourdes leaves Enrique and Belky behind in Mexico. Enrique think about his mother everyday, that one day he decides to search for her in the U.S He finds his mother and became successful.

3 I SSUE #1 Issue: Do you think it was right for Enriques mother to leave her kids behind? Conclusion: No, she shouldn’t have let her kids behind. Support: 1. They would grow up without a mom Support 2. They will have to worry if there mom is okay Support 3. This will make Enrique risk his life to finding his mom.

4 I SSUE #2 Issue: Should Maria Isabel and her friend set off to find Enrique? Conclusion: No, they should not leave Mexico to find Enrique. Support 1. It is very dangerous for girls to go on a journey like Enrique's. Support 2. They could get killed, and possibly not even survive. Support 3. She should not follow Lourdes footsteps by leaving her daughter behind.

5 I SSUE #3 Issue: Is Enrique’s drug problem getting out of control? Conclusion: Yes, I believe that it is. Support 1. He owes his marijuana supplier about $400. Support 2. He cannot pay his debts off. Support 3. The drug supplier threatens to kill his family.

6 I SSUE #4 Issue: should Enrique continue using drugs and drinking alcohol? Conclusion: No, Enrique should not be using these substances anymore Support 1. He is only using these to get back from when his mother left him. Support 2. Enrique worries about his mother. Support 3. He is spending money he cannot afford.

7 I SSUE #5 Issue: If I was in Enrique’s position, would I risk my life to go and find my mother? Conclusion: Yes, I would do anything to find my mom.

8 R EASON If I was in Enrique’s position I would risk my life to set off to find my mom. Knowing that what she did was very thoughtful and hard for leaving her behind, just knowing that she left was for us, and to make us live a better life. Even though there is possibly a chance that I will not make it, just the thought about trying to seek her is all that counts.

9 T HOUGHTS Enrique's Journey was very inspiring. It has opened my heart and I came to realize that mothers will do anything for there kids, even if the option was to leave their kids behind. As I read the story I could not imagine all the dangerous path that Enrique went through while he was searching for his mother. While I was reading I pictured myself doing the exact thing as he did.

10 T HOUGHTS CONTINUED I would recommend this book to everyone. It will teach you a lesson about how a young boy risked his life to seeking for his mother in the United States.

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