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APNIC Executive Council Report APNIC 38 Meeting 19 September 2014.

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1 APNIC Executive Council Report APNIC 38 Meeting 19 September 2014

2 APNIC EC Members for 2014 Maemura AkinoriChair Ma Yan Secretary James Spenceley Treasurer Che-Hoo Cheng Kenny Huang Gaurab Raj Upadhaya Wei Zhao Paul WilsonEx-Officio 2

3 Functions of the APNIC EC Represent the interests of Members in the governance of APNIC Oversight of the activities of APNIC To consider broad Internet policy issues for APNIC’s strategic direction To set membership fees To endorse the policy consensus toward implementation Quarterly meetings, face-to-face

4 EC Meetings 2014 Meetings: –24 February 2014 (Petaling Jaya, APNIC37) –12/13 May 2014 (Warsaw, RIPE69) –15/16 September 2014 (Brisbane, APNIC38) Attendance: –All EC members have attended these meetings Minutes: –All meeting minutes can be found on EC web site: –

5 Our Current Areas of Focus The current areas of particular focus for the EC include: –Member Engagement –Corporate Governance –Finances and Fiscal objectives –Fees and Budgets –Services and Development Activities –Strategic Planning –Internet Governance and Multi-Stakeholder Engagement The following is a highlight of current EC actions and a record of recent EC decisions. 5

6 APNIC Survey Independent and anonymous, every 2 years Essential to APNIC planning and priorities Survey 2014 –Focus groups: John Earls and Anne Lord –Survey response: 1,039 responses –Topic identified: external relations, member feedback mechanisms, training, policy, fund, accountability and transparency. –Survey report: Professor Ang Peng Hwa of SIRC 6

7 EC’s view of Survey Highlights Positive rating for APNIC service delivery and value Service priorities: resource registration, training and DNS root server Cooperation and community support: NOGs Surplus funds directed to IPv6 promotion, Training, project grants, and lowering fees EC satisfaction rating at 5/7. –“Satisfactory” but not “Excellent”, and can be improved. 7

8 Finances More small members due to “Last /8” policy Healthy surplus continues and no overall fee increase required for 2015 EC is reviewing fee structure for 2015, considering small members and startup fees Review of APNIC’s activity codes for budgeting and expense reporting 8

9 Community Engagement The EC recognises the work of the “GAC” working group and PPAC The EC has proposed a permanent Cooperation SIG, discussed during BOF session this week –To continue and strengthen PPAC –To engage stakeholders outside of “traditional” community: Governments, civil society, broader Internet community –To promote cooperation in areas relevant to APNIC For discussion during meeting today 9

10 Accountability and transparency NRO - RIR comparative matrix: governance frameworks, organizational structures, processes and accountability to members APNIC transparency webpage – APNIC Survey 2014: relative satisfaction with the transparency of EC, but there is room for improvement IANA transition plan: not required but accountability is important, not only ICANN’s, but also each RIR 10

11 Policy Endorsement Out of APNIC 37 – February 2014 –Prop-109: Allocate and to APNIC Labs as Research Prefixes Endorsed by the EC on April 23, 2014, by electronic voting.

12 EC Appointment to the NRO NC The EC appoints one member to the Number Council for a one year term The Council has asked us to perform this appointment earlier in the year in order to ensure that the new appointment can assume their role smoothly –Better participation in ICANN Board appointment The EC re-appointed Aftab Siddiqui to the NC for 2015 12

13 Coming up… October: 2014 Survey review and response Rest of 2014: IANA transition plan December: 2015 budget and fee schedule review 2015: review of options for “development” area –Fundraising and partnerships 13

14 Talk with us The EC welcomes feedback from members, stakeholders and all others with an interest in APNIC We strive to improve the ways in which we: –Understand and respond to the needs of our members –Work efficiently and effectively in our core functions of responsible address administration and accurate registry management –Engage with the broader Internet Governance forums to ensure that Asia Pacific voices are heard in the process –Deliver value to our members and clients

15 Talk with us New EC submission feature on MyAPNIC: –or email 15

16 Questions? EC Meeting minutes and other information

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