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High School of Tourism and Entrepreneurship “Rayko Tsonchev”

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1 High School of Tourism and Entrepreneurship “Rayko Tsonchev”


3 My classmates Devora Ivanova My favourite subjects are English and Music. My hobbies are riding a bike in the park and hanging out with friends. I am good at dancing and I have an artistic talent. Veliko Dimitrov He is our talented student. He plays on guitar and drums for more than four years. His favourite music is all kinds of metal, blues and rock. When he grows up he wants to be a professional musician and I’m sure he can manage to do it.

4 Veselina Parvanova She is very good at Art and Maths. She really draws beautiful pictures and even one of them is now in the Art Gallery. Her hobby is to collect candles. She has really nice ones. Yordan Yordanov He is the funniest boy in our class. He always jokes around and tells us funny stories. Yordan loves watching channels like Discovery and Animal Planet.

5 Miroslava Vasileva She is always laughing at someone with a very funny laugh. She loves going on fitness and jogging in the park in her spare time. She likes singing POP music and her favourite singer is Rihanna. Valeri Dimitrov He has a dog and he walks it in the park and this is a part of his hobbies. Another thing he likes doing is to play computer games. He is very atletic.

6 Petia Qnakieva She is our karate kid and when she tries to teach us something in karate, she is very funny. But actually she is a very cool person and ambitious and I like this feature of her character. Adem Saraç He loves nature and his hobby is to collect stones from caves and dungeons. He is a very calm and enthusiastic person.

7 And last but not least, our favourite class teacher, Mrs.Maria Kirova. She is always kind and nice to us and always gives us the advices and information we need. She is our dear friend and she is a really nice person – dude!

8 My class or the “monsters” how I call them is the wonderful class I have ever had. We are all good in a different way and our motto is “All for one and one for all”!

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