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Year 3 Laboratory Medicine course: Microbiology Welcome !

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1 Year 3 Laboratory Medicine course: Microbiology Welcome !

2 Teaching Staff in Microbiology Prof Tom Rogers ( Dr Fred Falkiner ( Dr Stephen Smith ( Consultant and trainee Microbiologists at St James’s and AMNCH Tallaght Other teaching/clinical staff in hospitals External Consultant Microbiologists

3 What do Clinical Microbiologists do? 5 years’ training in Clinical Microbiology (SpR) post MRCPI Give professional direction to Diagnostic Microbiology laboratory (300,000 specimens processed annually) Provide a Consultation service for other clinicians in the hospital and advice to GPs Usually the Infection Control Doctor (Dr Boyle) Often chair Antimicrobial Stewardship committee setting antibiotic policy (Prof Rogers, Dr Fennell) Research and postgraduate teaching

4 Topics dealt with under systems include Respiratory Cardiovascular Gastrointestinal/hepatobiliary Central Nervous system

5 Topics considered within systems Causative agents Pathogenic mechanisms Clinical presentations Investigative procedures Treatment Prevention

6 Additional subjects Antimicrobial stewardship programmes Immunization schedules and policies Infection control policies and practice Engaging clinicians and the public

7 Teaching is delivered by: Lectures ‘Small group’ tutorials ‘dry’ practical sessions Clinicopathological conferences

8 Main Infectious diseases seen in clinical practice Community acquired pneumonia Meningitis Gastroenteritis Urinary tract infections Sepsis Nosocomial infections

9 Where do I get my information from? Teaching course Textbooks Websites:- Ireland: UK: US: International:




13 Laboratory Medicine assessment: December 2010 Paper 1:  30 single best fit questions +  90 extended matching questions Paper 2:  Section A: answer 10 of 14 Short answer questions  Section B: answer 1 of 2 CPC questions  Section C: answer 2 of 4 essay questions

14 In each case match the 5 names on the left with the best matching choice on right Robert Koch Barry Marshall Luc Montagnier Louis Pasteur Denis Burkitt Syphilis Lymphoma Helicobacter pylori Legionella pneumophila Rabies HIV M tuberculosis Pneumocystis carinii Leprosy Influenza

15 Which one of the following is not a Eukaryote: Homo sapiens Candida albicans Escherichia coli Toxoplasma gondii Pneumocystis carinii

16 Which one of these is an RNA virus Herpes simplex Varicella zoster Hepatitis B Influenza Smallpox

17 An 18 year old medical student presents with headache, fever, and neck stiffness; the most likely diagnosis is: Hangover Jetlag Meningitis Malaria Influenza

18 Which of the following is a gram positive non-sporing aerobic bacillus that can cause life threatening throat infection Lactobacillus acidophilus Clostridium difficile Listeria monocytogenes Corynebacterium diphtheriae Bacillus cereus

19 When a strain of Staph aureus is resistant to Meticillin it is also always resistant to: Gentamicin Vancomycin Flucloxacillin Rifampicin Linezolid

20 An infection is termed “Hospital acquired” if it presents clinically how many hours/days after admission 12 hours 24 hours 48 hours 7 days 14 days

21 An often asked question: Do I have to know what I learned in Microbiology last year? Will I be examined on what I learned last year?

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