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Impacting the Future: Social Sector Job and Internship Search Jen Leybovich November 15, 2014.

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1 Impacting the Future: Social Sector Job and Internship Search Jen Leybovich November 15, 2014

2 AGENDA My background Tips for job searching Informational Interviews

3 My Background UCLA undergraduate Nonprofit consulting firm and nonprofit staff in D.C. and New York – Found through Idealist Volunteer in Peru at MFI – Found through friend Yale School of Management – Net Impact, Board Fellows, consulting projects, research with Yale Law School, job treks, philanthropy conference

4 My Background MBA Internship at Nonprofit Finance Fund, thru New Sector Alliance – Found through fellow students and job trek OBDC Small Business Finance – Through informational interview during MBA Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance – Through Net Impact at Yale

5 Job Search Considerations – Location Geographic region, size of city, transportation ability – Entity Government, for-profit community division, nonprofit, social enterprise, foundation, international/domestic – Industry Healthcare, economic development, arts, education, human services, technology, youth development – Role Marketing, Fundraising, Finance, Operations, Business Development, Administration, Human Resources, Strategy, Board Management

6 Job Search Considerations – Specialist/generalist Generalist roles help you determine your interests and skill set; specialists help develop your niche – Type of company and culture Size of company, hierarchical or flat, flexible or structured, teams, innovative/fast moving or mature/gradual, autonomous or collaborative, transparent Funding model: charity, income streams, resources – 5-10 year vision Where you see yourself can help you plan the path to get there

7 Job Search Considerations Internship or Full-time Job? – Build niche resume or try something new? – Full-time job potential? – Learning potential? Wage/Stipends, Professional Development, Advancement Mission and impact

8 Searching Resources School Career Center Alumni database Job treks Bringing in speakers to campus Listserv – Idealist, YNPN, Indeed, Craigslist, Net Impact Fellowships Investees of Funders Volunteering

9 Job Descriptions Read various job descriptions of current and future roles – Get an idea of: actual responsibilities skill sets needed now skill sets needed in 5-10 years How companies express their culture University is four years to build your resume

10 Informational Interviews Cold emails Linked-In connections Alumni/mentor/professor connections Conference speakers “I’m interested in learning more about your role and organization, and trends and opportunities in the field”

11 Informational Steps Set up a time (conduct in person if possible) Be flexible and accommodating Confirm the day before Call or arrive on time Introduce yourself, your current status, and what information you’re hoping to learn on the call

12 Informational Tips Have specific questions ready Be familiar with their career (Linked-In and company website) Be personable and someone they would enjoy being around Don’t ask for a job or introductions on the phone Be humble, confident, clear, open- minded, passionate, mission-oriented, and gracious

13 Possible Informational Questions How did you get involved in this space and find your current position? What do you like about this sector? What do you enjoy about your role? What skill sets do you use everyday? How do you differentiate your nonprofit in the nonprofit space? What roles do recent undergrads play at your org and nonprofits in your field? Have you considered working for a foundation, government, for-profit CSR? What are the pros and cons in your mind?

14 Possible Informational Questions Nonprofit landscape in the area, trends in the sector, and areas that are growing quickly If I am aiming to be a CEO/CFO/Director in 10 years, what steps do you recommend I take to get there? Where do nonprofits in your field usually post their job opportunities? What skill sets do you recommend I develop at university to prepare myself for a full-time role at a nonprofit? What worked well for you in job searching?

15 Follow-Up Send thank you email the next day Can mention follow up items referenced on the call Can make gentle ask if appropriate (“it would be much appreciated if you could forward me any opportunities you hear of that you think may be a good fit”) Follow up if you find a job or opportunity relevant to conversation

16 Thank you! Questions ?

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