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Choosing Your Psychotherapist By: Lindsey Berman.

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1 Choosing Your Psychotherapist By: Lindsey Berman

2 Background Does psychotherapy work? Which type of therapy should I choose? Do some work better than others? Mary Lee Smith and Gene Glass Goals: To identify and collect all studies that tested the effects of counseling and psychotherapy To determine the magnitude of the effect of therapy in each study To compare the effects of different types of therapy.

3 Method 375 different studies from 1000 magazines, journals, and books that tested counseling and psychotherapy effects. Each had one group who received therapy and one control group. Meta-analysis Most important to include was the effect of therapy 833 effect sizes 25000 subjects combined Average age: 22 Average time: 17 hours Average therapist experience: 3.5 years

4 Results (Does therapy work?) Average subject that received therapy was better off than 75% of the untreated subjects. Therapy moved average subject from the 50 th percentile to 75 th percentile Only 99/833 (12%) of the effect sizes had negative results

5 Results (How does therapy work for different results? )

6 Results (Which type of therapy works best?)

7 Results (Behavior superclass vs. non-behavioral) Split into two “superclasses” Compared the two control groups No differences between the two

8 Significance The study was “a step in the right direction toward solving the problem” that people do not have enough knowledge of therapy. Less confusing for clients, more confusing for therapists.

9 Recent Applications Meta-analysis for 48 different studies on depression and group therapy Those who received therapy improved 85% percent more than those who don’t. Behavioral treatments for people suffering from migraine and tension headache problems. 30 - 50% reduction in the headaches with the behavioral strategies. Psychotherapy for the mentally retarded.

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