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Food Safety and Sanitation

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1 Food Safety and Sanitation
G12 HECMA Food Safety and Sanitation

2 Learning objectives Identify the cause of foodborne illnesses.
Give examples of personal cleanliness in the kitchen. Describe safe practices for preparing and serving food.

3 Foodborne illness A foodborne illness is a disease transmitted to humans from food. Bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi and chemicals are examples of things that make food unsafe. Bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella can make a person extremely sick.

4 85% of foodborne illness is preventable.
Taking the time to get rid of bacteria is the first step in preventing foodborne illness.

5 How to get rid of harmful bacteria in your kitchen?
Sanitation in the kitchen Personal cleanliness Safe food preparation and service Store food safely

6 Sanitation in the kitchen
Wipe lids of cans before opening Wash your can opener after every use Keep sponges clean Use covered containers to store food Wash with hot, soapy water Wash dish towels and cloths often Use different cutting boards for meat and vegetables Use a clean spoon every time you taste food

7 Personal Cleanliness Clean your hands with soap and warm water before preparing food. Wash your hands after handling anything dirty. Wear plastic gloves if you have cuts/scrapes on your hands. Tie your hair back and refrain from touching your hair Don’t sneeze or cough around food

8 Safe Food Preparation and Service
Wash produce Use separate cutting boards for different food types Thaw food safely Cook food until done Heat leftovers properly Use sauces carefully Clean serving plates Serve food promptly Keep temperatures consistent

9 Storing Food Safely Store frozen food first Keep cold items cold
Keep food away from hazards Store dry food in a cool, dark place Follow directions on the food package Use moisture proof containers Clean storage spaces often

10 Task: complete the Term 2_worksheet 2

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