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Practical Podcasting And Videocasting. Cheryl Gould. Fall-Winter 2008.

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1 Practical Podcasting And Videocasting. Cheryl Gould. Fall-Winter 2008.

2 This Workshop Is Brought to You by the Infopeople Project Infopeople is a federally-funded grant project supported by the California State Library. It provides a wide variety of training to California libraries. Infopeople workshops are offered around the state and are open registration on a first-come, first-served basis. For a complete list of workshops, and for other information about the project, go to the Infopeople website at

3 Introduction to podcasting Podcasting/vidcasting in libraries Podcast planning and tips Creating and editing podcasts Posting podcasts online Workshop Overview

4 “a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player.” - New Oxford American Dictionary A podcast is…

5 A podcast is distinguished from other digital-media formats by its ability to be syndicated, subscribed to, and downloaded automatically when new content is added. automatically Wikipedia

6 Recording Audio Computer with recording software  Audacity is free Microphone  Freestanding mic  Headset Digital recorder By phone

7 Audacity Audio Recording Software Free Easy! Open source Needs an mp3 encoder

8 Settings CD quality sample rate is 44.100khz CD quality sample format is 16 bit

9 Other Audio Recording Software Garageband (for Mac) PowerGramo (Plug-in to record Skype calls) TalkShoe (call by phone to record) Podomatic (create and host podcasts) Levelator (audio leveling software)

10 Class Bookmarks Go to Click on podcasting_bkmk.htm Bookmark it

11 Podcast Tips Find a quiet place Prepare a script or at least an outline and practice Use vocal variety to keep people interested Consider using an interview format Keep it short Remember you can edit

12 Use Your Voice Show your passion Speak clearly Talk to the audience Be descriptive

13 Ways to Record Video Digital Videocamcorder Digital camera Flip video camera Mobile phone Webcam

14 Common Video Formats.MOV (Quicktime).WMV (Windows) Flash (YouTube / /.MP4 /.MOV (iPod)

15 Video Editors iMovie (Free, if you buy a Mac) Windows Movie Maker (Free) Quicktime Pro ($29.99) Final Cut Pro (more) Adobe Video Suite (even more)

16 Understand Copyright Get permission Get permission Release for speakers Release for speakers Public domain materials (pre-1923) are good Public domain materials (pre-1923) are good

17 Use Music Clips for… Start of podcastStart of podcast End of podcastEnd of podcast TransitionsTransitions

18 Music for Podcasts Creative Commons Audio ( CCMixter ( Podsafe Music Network (

19 So you think you want to start podcasting? Is podcasting right for the library?  for our customers?  how will it support the library’s mission? How often will you podcast? Who will be responsible? Do you need policies?

20 Record a podcast for your staff Introduce yourself Name the library where you work Discuss how you could use podcasting or vidcasting at your library.

21 Get Your Podcast Online Create it Store it on the web  Make it available  Blog, Wiki, Web site Users view it  Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, player embedded in website Users keep current via RSS  RSS feed via a feed reader

22 Promoting Your Podcasts Podcast Alley BlinkX Itunes Library Website Other?

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