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IPods & Blogs. What is an iPod? In 2001, Apple released a new technology called iPod.

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1 iPods & Blogs

2 What is an iPod? In 2001, Apple released a new technology called iPod

3 iPods in the Classroom Quick Overview of Educational Uses for iPods

4 “Blog” Defined Noun Short for “weblog” Online diary, often updated daily

5 Details & Prevalence Blog sites began gaining popularity in 2002 One estimate* had over 40,000 new blogs going up in January of 2002 alone Blogs began as a place where people would share details of their daily life or focus on a theme (cooking, crafting, wine tasting, politics, etc…) *Wired Magazine, Feb. 2002

6 Death of the Blog? Wired magazine reported in 2004 that the blog is dead. 2003-2004 Myspace & Facebook were blamed for the “death” of the blog

7 No! Despite the creation of Myspace and Facebook, Blog Herald (2005) noted that there were over 70 million blogs in existence, 63 million of which were on the 8 most popular blog sites (to be discussed later) The United States is leading the world in blog production, followed by South Korea, Japan and France.

8 However… Current junior high/high school students are not aware of how to use an independent blog i.e. not the blogs found on Myspace

9 Why am I telling you this? Due to the prevalence of blogs in the early 2000s, many educators have incorporated blogging into their curriculum. It is a fast and easy way to disseminate information to students It is an easy way to allow students to review and comment on other classmates’ work

10 And…? And, due to the students’ lack of knowledge, it is our responsibility to introduce them to this technology Introduce educational application Cultivate comfort & proficiency


12 Classroom Application #1 Teacher homework/class activity blog Growing in popularity amongst private schools on the mainland Each teacher has a page, which is linked to the school’s website Parents and students can use to keep up with homework

13 Classroom Application #2 Class-specific assignments Growing in popularity amongst graduate professors Allows educators the opportunity to incorporate technology into a specific class Allows students to see other classmates’ work and respond to each assignment

14 Students’ Perspectives Top 10 Reasons Students Like Blogs


16 Classroom Application #1 A Virtual Classroom

17 Classroom Application #2 Twentieth Century History

18 Blogs of Interest Technology in the Lutheran Classroom

19 So, how do I make one? There are several free blog publishing tools available **

20 In my experience… I have used several of the top blogging sites Classroom application #1 WordPress Allows “pages” so that you may have one for each class Classroom application #2 Blogger Provides an easy to read format with a side bar (or two) Easy to follow along with others’ blogs, for commenting

21 Time to look at our handouts.

22 Other Interesting Sites The site I created for this workshop. I plan on submitting it to my ning profile so other Lutheran educators can access it. Online network of Lutheran educators wanting to increase technology use in their classrooms and schools. Perry Bresemann's Profile 2009 Lutheran Educators Conference Speaker

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