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The Physical Properties of Matter

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1 The Physical Properties of Matter
Unit I – 1 Pages 44-47

2 What is Matter? Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space

3 Properties Characteristics or ways of describing things

4 Physical Property Are usually those that we can observe with our senses A substance's physical property allows us to identify the substance without causing a change in the composition of the substance.

5 Physical Property Some examples of physical properties are:
physical state (solid, liquid or gas at certain temperatures and pressures) colour odor solubility in water (the ability of substance to dissolve in water) density melting point / boiling point hardness ductility malleability conductivity

6 Intensive or Extensive
A physical property can be intensive or extensive Extensive property depends on the amount of substance present can not be used to id a substance Eg. Mass and Volume

7 Intensive or Extensive
Intensive property Depends on the nature of the substance not on the amount present E.g. Boiling point/melting point/ density


9 Chemical Properties Are those that relate to how the substance changes in composition Or how it interacts with other substances.

10 Chemical Properties Some examples of chemical properties are:
paper burns iron rusts gold does not rust wood rots nitrogen does not burn silver does not react with water sodium reacts with water


12 Physical Properties States of water

13 Three States of Matter

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