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Languages around the world

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1 Languages around the world
Kenneth 6b

2 Language language is a way of communicating. We can communicate through words or even pictures. There are differences of language around the world, because people have different perspective about the way they talk so they speak different languages.

3 Cultural Practice In my daily life, I use ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ to communicate with my family at home. At school, I use English to communicate with my friends. I have to speak English because it’s an international IB school. I learned many languages and how to write them. I have English lesson at school and at KELT previously and I learn how to write English letters. I learn mandarin at school and at home privately too. After studying mandarin, I can words in mandarin called ‘hanzi/汉字’. If I have a chance of studying a language I would choose Japanese because I like to watch JAPANESE ANIME. Japanese anime is an animation cartoon.

4 France In France, all most all the citizens speak French. It was formed from the spoken Latin language and the roman empire. They also speak Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Catalan and others too. French is an official language in 29 countries. It is also the first language spoken in France, Haiti, Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada.

5 Indonesia In Indonesia, there is thousands and thousands of islands so there are many tribes there. From each tribe, each of them has their own traditional language also known as the local language. Each tribe, are very maintaining their language as a characteristic, but Indonesian is the official language and it is influence from Malayan Language.

6 Japan more than 125 million speakers speak Japanese and it is the official language there and it is now a national language. Not only Japanese, but there is more like Japonic, early Japanese, early middle Japanese, and Late middle Japanese. There are more languages that people in Japan speak, but a lot of people speak Japanese more than the others. Japanese ‘Kanji’ (writing) is almost the same as Chinese but they don’t have any relationships.

7 Brazil Brazilian Portuguese is the official language in Brazil. About 200 million citizens of Brazil, mainly in the US, Japan, Paraguay, Portugal and several other European countries, speak it. Brazilian Portuguese has developed better than before. It is very different than the old Brazilian Portuguese. The spelling and grammar has developed.

8 USA English: 80% Spanish: 12.4% Indo- European: 3.7% Asia language: 3%
Many languages are used in the US. English is the most commonly used. 80% of USA speaks English. The most common language is called American Language. 95% of the citizens can speak ‘American English’ very well and English has been an international language. Russian is also spoken by visitors from other countries

9 How Can We Respect Other Languages?
We should respect the languages we hear every single day and it is very important to respect other languages. Respecting other languages can impact students by being an excellent writer. If we respect other culture’s language, They can respect our language too.

10 I think the most interesting language is japan
I think the most interesting language is japan. I want to learn more about its language and the writings that they use in Japan. After learning about languages around the world, I know how different is the languages in every countries. Now I can respect them because I learn lots of things by doing the task

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