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HELP!!! I have to speak in front of my family and friends!

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1 HELP!!! I have to speak in front of my family and friends!

2 Why do we have to do this?

3 The Hamburger Structure

4 The introduction The top of the hamburger bun The first 30 seconds are probably the most important. You must grab the attention of the audience and engage their interest in what you have to say in your speech. BUT HOW CAN I DO THIS?

5 There are many ways. What about the following? Raise a thought-provoking question Make an interesting statement Recite a relevant quotation Recite a relevant joke

6 The body All the fillings in the middle This is the largest part of the speech Put things in a logical order so that it is easier to follow Remember to use descriptive language

7 About 3-5 discussion points Elaborate on each discussion point and then link them to each other to show continuity

8 The base of the burger Summarise the main ideas in the speech, rounding off the discussion Let the audience know you are going to finish without saying it

9 What YOU SAY is important ( 7% of your speech and the influence on the audience) BUT 55% of the success of the speech is HOW YOU LOOK WHEN YOU SAY THAT AND 38% of the success of the speech is HOW YOU SAY THE SPEECH

10 Delivery of the speech Stance Eye contact Voice

11 Your stance It’s all about confidence and composure

12 Eye contact It’s all about connection and credibility

13 It is essential to make personal contact with everybody DO NOT just focus on 1 spot DO NOT look at the same people the whole time

14 Voice It’s all about articulation

15 VEP Volume Vary it Emotion Let the audience feel what you feel Show how you feel Pauses Give them time to think about what you have said Remember to breath Don’t try to catch a train

16 Delivery of the speech Gestures Energy And Passion Cue cards

17 Hand gestures Be aware how it will look to the audience Don’t use the same one again and again Not too many

18 Be positive and energetic Show your confidence with a smile Energy and passion Show them that you enjoy it

19 Cue cards To help you remember

20 Keywords / points Don’t rely too much on it Cue cards

21 Some last minute tips It is normal to be nervous. Just try to focus on your speech and not the people. Everybody makes mistakes. Just move on if you have made a mistake. Make sure to reference your visual while speaking Be yourself, allow your own personality to come across in your speech. Humor is always a good tool.


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