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Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Here I am!.....Hire me!

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1 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Here I am!.....Hire me!

2 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Welcome Presenter Geoffrey Dubiski, MS, CIR, CDR Chief Talent Scout Principal & Managing Director Sumner Grace & Associates

3 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Overview Today’s Agenda An Understanding of How Companies Hire An Overview of Where Recruiters Search How to Make Yourself Visible Myths, Questions and Reality

4 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Today’s Goal Introduce a few new tools to you Or old tools with new uses Rethink your process from the recruiter’s perspective Be Found instead of Looking Have some fun!

5 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Currently There are over 1 Million job openings advertised on the open market Countless More are Unadvertised 15 to 60% of Jobs are Filled by Referrals

6 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Has Recruiting Changed? Less Paper - More Technology

7 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 The Process

8 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Targeting Companies Use ZoomInfo, Linked-in, Dun & Bradstreet, Google etc to find out information on the Companies you would like to work for Cross reference with job openings on job boards; call main line and inquire about their top temporary agencies 10 – 50% of jobs are filled temp-to-hire and is higher in this economic climate

9 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Temporary Employment Not the same as 10 – 20 years ago Main pipeline for companies to find people Offers a wider variety of options NEVER PAY A FEE for a placement Only resumes services

10 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Your Resume 1 to 2 pages depending on experience Education at the top without date 10 years of experience Focus on results not tasks For on-line resume use tags/keyword paragraph at the bottom Volunteering, Consulting and temping Your own business

11 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Place Your Resume In every database Monster, Careerbuilder, Hotjobs etc etc Set up search agents to bring jobs to you To aggregators Indeed, SimplyHired, Beyond Use for your profiles Linked-in, Facebook etc

12 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Networking Number one way to find job leads AND get a job Linked-in, Spoke, Ryze, Facebook, Twitter Stay focused, professional and organized

13 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Submitting Your Resume Company Career Sites Resume builder Profile builder Email Alerts Knock out questions Where did you hear about us?

14 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Follow Up Usually get an auto-responder Pay attention to what it says When contacted find out what next steps are and expected time line Keep a full list (xls or careershift) to be prepared Thank you note!

15 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Cover Letters No one likes to write them or read them! Utilize only when there is a reason to list information not otherwise found in your resume Why you are relocating Why you are changing careers Who referred you and why Willingness to temp first

16 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Triple Check Too many candidates – companies are picky Even a small error in spelling may create an issue Don’t depend on spell check (manger) Read backwards and have others review

17 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Myths If a company has a job opening submit even if you are not qualified as they may want you for another job! Being funny (shoe in the door) and other unique submissions let you rise above everyone else (pink paper) Turn a negative into a positive

18 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Interview Prep Ask a lot of questions from the recruiter if possible before meeting managers Behavioral interviews (…a time when…) First 30 seconds are VERY important Beware: the front desk At Thanksgiving would you rather cook the dinner or help clean up?

19 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 References Reference Check Verify Get them a fresh resume Give them a list of target companies

20 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Background Checks Common place for most companies Be honest on application – they will catch you Includes School, Credit and Criminal May also require drug test

21 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 The Answer is No Ask for feedback Skill gaps Interview technique Ask if you can be considered in future Give referrals….be a source Send a thank you note - quickly

22 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Always Be Prepared Get business cards with Name Phone Email Linked-in account or other preferred

23 Sumner Grace Copyright 2008 Thank you Please make sure your name and email are on the list so we can send materials to you…

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