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European Physical Features

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1 European Physical Features
Mountains Rivers Islands

2 Northern Europe Eastern Europe Southern Europe

3 Northern Europe Islands Iceland Britain Ireland

4 Southern Europe Islands Balearic (Spain) Corsica (France)
Sardinia (Italy) Sicily (Italy) Crete (Greece)

5 Seas around Europe Atlantic Ocean Baltic Sea North Sea Black Sea
Aegean Sea Mediterranean Sea

6 Mountains of Europe Ural Mountains The Alps Pyrenees

7 Ural Mountains Separates Europe from Asia located in Russia

8 The Alps Countries of the Alps France Switzerland Italy Germany
Austria Slovenia

9 The Pyrenees The Pyrenees are located on the French and Spanish border. Andorra is in the Pyrenee mountains.

10 Rivers of Europe Danube Volga Rhine

11 Danube Germany Austria Slovakia Croatia Hungary Serbia Bulgaria

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