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2  What is accreditation?  Why apply for accreditation?  Eligibility to apply for accreditation  Steps to become accredited  Roles of PCTIA, the institution and the team  Accreditation Standards of Quality  Ongoing requirements  Contact us TOPICS COVERED

3 Accreditation is PCTIA's higher level of recognition for private career training. While registration is mandatory, accreditation is voluntary. In addition to meeting Basic Education Standards, accredited institutions are also required to meet Accreditation Standards of Quality. WHAT IS ACCREDITATION?

4  Opportunity for external validation  Demonstrates a commitment to quality  It is a requirement for institutions applying for a StudentAid BC designation or Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation. StudentAid BCEducation Quality Assurance WHY APPLY FOR ACCREDITATION?

5 ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY FOR ACCREDITATION To apply for accreditation, institutions must:  Be in operation and in good standing for one year  Provide training continuously for the past year  Have a sufficient number of students enrolled and have graduates to enable assessment  Demonstrate financial stability  Meet all PCTIA registration requirements

6 STEPS TO BECOME ACCREDITATED 1.Download and review the Institutional Accreditation ReportInstitutional Accreditation Report 2.Sign up for the New Accreditation Workshop (in-person or via webinar)New Accreditation Workshop 3.Complete draft Institutional Accreditation Report and attend the New Accreditation Workshop 4.After completing the workshop, submit completed Accreditation Application Form and fee within 6 monthsfee

7 5.Host a compliance visit by a PCTIA representative 6.After a successful compliance visit, submit your Institutional Accreditation Report for review 7.Host Accreditation Team site visit 8.Review draft Accreditation Team report 9.Respond to Accreditation Team Report 10.Registrar’s Decision STEPS TO BECOME ACCREDITATED

8 ROLES OF PCTIA, INSTITUTION AND TEAM PCTIA:  Sets standards  Facilitates process  Makes final decision THE INSTITUTION:  Self-assessment, ensure Standards of Quality are met before visit  Demonstrates standards met using report and during visit THE ACCREDITATION TEAM:  Validates Standards of Quality are met  Reports to Registrar

9 In addition to meeting Basic Education Standards, an institution must demonstrate: 1. Organization (Section 26.11 PCTIA Bylaws)  Appropriate, documented policies and evidence of effective application  Version and document control for policies, procedures, contracts, agreements and publications  Evidence that Program Advisory Committee recommendations are given consideration  Evidence that requirements from PCTIA (or other reviews) are implemented ACCREDITATION STANDARDS OF QUALITY

10 2. Academic Policies and Procedures (Section 28.3 PCTIA Bylaws)  Students receive guidance to assist with making informed decisions about their programs  Entry assessment tools and admission requirements ensure students have the required language competencies, basic knowledge and skills to achieve program outcomes  Assessment of learning outcomes is fair, valid and consistent  Appropriate resources in place for student retention and success  Grading system is useful for students, other post-secondary institutions and employers ACCREDITATION STANDARDS OF QUALITY

11 3. Instructors (Section 29.7 PCTIA Bylaws)  Appropriate instructor development plans are implemented and monitored  Hiring policies ensure instructors have the appropriate combination of qualifications and experience 4. Educational Program, Objectives, Curricula and Materials (Section 30.12 PCTIA Bylaws)  Educationally sound process in place for development and review of programs  Stakeholders have opportunity to give feedback on programs ACCREDITATION STANDARDS OF QUALITY

12 5. Facilities and Institutional Resources (Section 32.8 PCTIA Bylaws)  Effective process in place to identify and allocate resources to achieve program outcomes and maintain and improve the institution’s quality management 6. Continuous Improvement Framework (Section 33 PCTIA Bylaws)  Evaluation process that results in continuous quality improvement  Collect outcome data: student attrition and graduation rates, third party exam results, satisfaction surveys and graduate employment rates  Report to Agency annually on Program Advisory Committee suggestions, program strengths and weaknesses as well as program-specific action plans if required ACCREDITATION STANDARDS OF QUALITY

13  Continuous compliance with Basic Education Standards and Accreditation Standards of Quality  Annual compliance visits by PCTIA staff  5-year review  Annual enrolment report includes employment statistics for grads  Accreditation certificate posted  Report on outcome measures  Report changes to PCTIA ONGOING REQUIREMENTS

14 CONTACT US This is a summary of the requirements of accreditation only. For more information visit to read the PCTI Act and PCTIA Office: Local: 604-569-0033 Toll-free: 1-800-661-7441 Fax: 778-945-0606 Email: 203 - 1155 West Pender St Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 2P4


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