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Lecture 2: Project Concept Document

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1 Lecture 2: Project Concept Document
Graduation Projects Lecture 2: Project Concept Document

2 What is a Project Concept Document?
Project Concept Document, is a document represented before the complete project proposal, to describe the main idea and objectives of a project. The purpose of the project concept document, is to capture the interest of the funding agency, and to demonstrate that the idea they are proposing is worthy of further consideration

3 Sections of a Project Concept Document
Introduction (Problem Statement) This document is usually presented to a funding agency, and thus you need to persuade this agency that your project worth funding! Your opening paragraph must capture the community needs you have identified while also stimulating the reader to continue reading your document. Explain the problem that exists in the environment under study (company, institution, …etc), and how by applying this project, this problem will be efficiently solved.

4 Sections of a Project Concept Document
Introduction (Problem Statement) Briefly provide supporting documentation for the importance of addressing the problem in concern. If you have statistical data, use it, numbers are always convincing. In short, indicate why anyone should care to fund or to buy such a project. Make sure to cite or refer to what others have accomplished relative to your project or research. Beware of stating that you are the only person who has ever proposed such a project. Even the most brilliant and innovative concepts are based on the work of others from related fields

5 Sections of a Project Concept Document
Project Description Goals and Objectives/Research Questions A goal is statement describing a broad or abstract intent, state or condition. An objective is a statement of measurable outcomes that relate to the goal. An objective include “who, what, and when” information. It is not a statement about “how”. Methodology and Timeline Give an overview of your methodology, how the project will be carried out, and any innovative approaches, techniques, or processes that will be used. Include general timelines for what you hope to accomplish (you can benefit from the deliverables due date table illustrated in the previous lecture)

6 Sections of a Project Concept Document
Cont. Project Description Benefits/Anticipated Output Describe the anticipated benefits/output and who will benefit. What you expect to add to the environment in concern when implementing your project. Tip: Try to be brief, concise and clear. Concept papers should not be longer than five pages. Don’t overwhelm the reader with details, but avoid sounding vague or unsure about what you want to accomplish. Be positive and definite. Instead of saying an objective “may be accomplished” indicate that the objective “will be accomplished” by a certain time.

7 Sections of a Project Concept Document
Support Needed & Costs (if requested) Only include budgetary information if it is specifically requested. Finally, appearance is important. This concept paper represents you! The type size should be large enough to read easily (usually 12 pts and 14 for headers) Margins should be standard size (left margin 3.5 cm, other margins 2.5cm) Check the spelling errors before submission. Attention to details is important. Number all pages. Place your name and the date in the header Include your contact information at the end of the document

8 Suggested Format of a Project Concept Paper
[Project Title] [Your names] [Date] Introduction (Problem Statement) Project Description Goals and Objectives/Research Questions Methodology and Timelines Benefits/anticipated outputs Support Needed and Costs (if requested) Contact Information

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