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THE WATER PROBLEMS OF AFRICA -created by- Lydia Wren & Alisia Torres.

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1 THE WATER PROBLEMS OF AFRICA -created by- Lydia Wren & Alisia Torres

2 Consequences of dirty water People in Africa can Die from the nasty water provided. They can also get sick or get diseases. In Africa the water system is unhealthy and can cause death or diseases such as *Cholera *Dysentery *Parasites *Schitzomonasis *Giardia Africans get sick because they share their water (river) with animals that bathe in it and even use it as a bathroom. A child dies from diarrhea every 15 seconds

3 How To Prevent Africa From Drinking Nasty Water ! To help Africa with their water problem, We can … ↓ *get involved *provide fresh water wells *put up water tanks Help ! Africa ! Water Tanks ↓

4 Underneath it shows a woman from Africa collecting water for her family to drink, cook, and wash dishes Global water focuses on permanent solutions to a religions water needs. Global water provides entire villages to have clean healthy water

5 About Diseases in Africa Cholera This disease is sometimes also known as Ascetic or eplielomic Cholera Caused by infection with bacterium called vibriu cholera. It’s mainly found in areas that aren’t very cholera. Guardia A germ that causes diarrhea

6 Water in Africa *98% of water – related to deaths occur in the developing world *3.575 million people die each year from water related diseases *884 million people have a lack of access to safe water supplies


8 Dirty water will affect the children’s learning ability For real facts Four children die every minute 90% of all deaths are caused by diarrheal diseases Most that die from this diarrheal disease are children under five years of age, Mostly in developing countries

9 Visit this site to see how people of Africa are living with dirty water ): HELP AFRICA !

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