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Power point 2007 Lab 2.

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1 Power point 2007 Lab 2

2 1- View Tab To change the view of the presentation:- Normal
Slide sorter Notes page Slide show Slid Master

3 View →Normal In normal view you can see slides and active slide

4 View →Slide sorter In slide sorter you can see slides, transition, animations or hidden slide.

5 View → Slide show Slide show is used to rehearse presentation with animation.

6 View → Notes Page Slide Notes
It shows the slide and notes for the speaker. Slide Notes

7 View → Master → Slide Master
Master slide is used to make global Changes to all slides Select the main Master slide

8 - At the slide master Insert → Picture Choose the picture
Ex: To add a picture in the master slide :- - At the slide master Insert → Picture Choose the picture Close the Master Slide

9 Picture will appear in all slides

10 A- Slide show → View show
To run the presentation To rehearse presentation with animation.

11 Animations Tab Custom animation
To apply animation to any object on a slide: Select the thing you want to animate it first. Slide show → custom animation Add effect → Entrance → more effects And then choose the effect

12 To add animation to the slide :
Slide transition To add animation to the slide : Select the slide. Animation Tab→ slide transition . Select the transition (ex: box in) it will be applied to selected slide. Set the speed (ex: slow) Choose apply to all ( if you want to apply it to all slides)

13 Hide slide This will hide slide from slide show ( skip this slide on show) R. Click on the slide and choose hide slide.

14 A- Office Button – Print-- Print Preview
To see how your slide , notes page , handout and will look when printed

15 B- Office Button – Print-- Print
Printer name Print range All Current slide Selection Slides From slide 1 to To print slide 1 and 5 1,5 Number of copies Print what (slides, outline, handouts, notes page) 1 3 2 4

16 End Of PowerPoint

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