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The Beginning of Salvation History* *The story of God's saving actions in human history.

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1 The Beginning of Salvation History* *The story of God's saving actions in human history.

2 Remember the big picture! Throughout all of human history, God has acted to bring us into relationship with Him and give us salvation (eternal life) Creation - Adam & Eve Covenant with Abraham Covenant with Moses Prophets JESUS - his life is continuation of God's call to be in relationship Throughout all of human history, human beings have chosen own wants over God's goodness & guidance. God keeps inviting us into relationship Don't get lost in the details!!




6 Origins of World & Humankind A basic human need is to question God created us to seek and know the truth, to question Various philosophies have arisen as response to search for truth Church and other religions have pieces of truth but none have whole truth of God because we are limited "The Catholic Church rejects __________________________ in these religions." However, Church must share with others the _______________________________________________.

7 Understanding Divine Revelation Divine Revelation – way God ______________ himself to us God wants us to know him; he doesn’t want to remain unknown List some ways people encounter God (not in text) 1. 2. 3. CCC 27: God created us to know him, to love him, and to be called into communion/relationship with him The Deposit of Faith is core of our faith found in _____________ and ______________. It was handed down from the ____________ in their ______________ & ________________

8 Define Sacred Tradition Sacred Scripture Magisterium Deposit of Faith - see previous slide Divine Revelation - see previous slide

9 Biblical Inspiration (pgs. 6-8) Authors of scripture were inspired by Holy Spirit to write “speech of God” in their own words Each author was unique individual and wrote in own style Need to read and interpret scripture recognizing type of writing the purpose the audience distinguish between literal truth and religious truth God’s message; his truth can be applied over all time to questions of life and how we should live Problems arise in how we interpret the passage

10 How Scripture is Interpreted (pgs. 9-10) Creation Accounts in Genesis 2 creation stories Which is right? How do we look at them? Second Vatican Council offered guidelines for interpreting Scripture. What is Second Vatican Council? (Not in text) Guidelines: Must carefully investigate what writers intended What God wanted to teach us Language of 2000 years ago, in diff culture is not our language Look at literary forms Different genres should be read differently A story can teach us truth about human behavior without being literally true


12 Adventure is out there!

13 Examples of how audience dictates language/style of speech & writing College Essay Instagram Telling story to friends vs family Explaining story in news to little kids vs young adults

14 Literary Forms It is important to interpret Scripture from two main senses -- the literal and spiritual. What is literal sense or meaning? What do words mean as written?’ Discover this through exegesis (pg 11) – determining the authors intention, purpose in writing Types of writing in OT (be able to explain a few) Anthem Census Debate Epigram Etiology Genealogy Maxim Parable

15 What is spiritual sense; the deeper meaning? Is story an allegory Is it a moral Is it anagogical – leading us to eternal life Task of all to read and interpret Scripture according to literal and spiritual meaning

16 First Creation Account Define primeval history Literary form – myth – def. pg. 13 Myth in this sense is not made up story like Robin Hood Myth = symbolic story used to express spiritual truth; used to explain belief about God Israelites like all cultures wanted way to explain creation Borrowed elements of other cultures but changed to reflect belief in one God 7 days of creation may be based on 7 day week with Sabbath on seventh day Goodness of creation contrasts with other cultures' stories Parallel construction of separation & decoration – Pg 13 Day 1- 3 separation Day 4-6 decoration

17 Males/females created at same time; in the divine (God) image Language is male because culture at time was very patriarchal Based on male leaders "Let us make man in our image What does it mean that humans are made in God's image?



20 Religious and Theological Truths of First Creation Story Not a _____________ explanation of beginning of universe Story that reveals important religious and theological truths 1. 2. 3. 4. a. b. c. 5. 6.

21 2nd Creation Account Written in more down to earth style Portrays God as __________________ which means.... Unlike 1st account when humanity is created_______ in this account, humans are ________ Key points to this account 1. Image of closeness between God & humanity 2. God is ________ and gives first humans animals for _____ 3. Creation of Eve is about relationship a. Man & woman are _______ and ___________ b. Relationship between man & woman is mirror of..... c. Natural & original condition of humanity with God was.....

22 Together two accounts teach us that.....

23 Truths of 2nd Account Emphasizes the ______ and _______ between men/women Teaches that God created humanity in friendship with a. b. c. Teaches that humanity was born in orignal _______ & original ___________ (what does this mean?)

24 Theme of Creation in Theology & Scripture First 3 chapters of Genesis reveal important truths about creation Theme of creation is found throughout both OT & NT. For each item below, write a one sentence summary about what it tells us about creation Isaiah Psalms Proverbs Christ & Creation Trinity

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