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What Is Affiliate Marketing? How Can It Help My Business?

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1 What Is Affiliate Marketing? How Can It Help My Business?

2 What Is An Affiliate Program? An online Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing marketing strategy in which Affiliates will drive traffic to a merchant’s website in return for a portion/percentage of the revenues the merchant receives from that traffic. Benefits Of Having An Affiliate Program? A cost effective medium in which to deliver brand awareness Creates brand loyalty by a personal approach through an individual web site Enables merchants to produce e-commerce revenue without the hassle

3 Importance Of An Affiliate Program? Only pay for performance: not CPM or CPC, CPA – cost per desired action (like a sale) Brand loyalty and recognition Provide a springboard for BizDev partnerships Low customer acquisition cost (remember, paying only for performance) Additional Benefits Of Having An Affiliate Program? Test promotions, offers and creative – optimize for other marketing efforts Identify and test new markets Identify strategic partners

4 Affiliate Marketing vs. Common Online Marketing Tactics The effectiveness of an affiliate program, vastly outweighs most e-commerce marketing tactics.

5 Started in 1998, KowaBunga! Technologies created a server side tracking software for affiliate tracking called ‘The Affiliate Program’ Software, now called My Affiliate Program Software. Since that time, we have developed the software to appeal to different needs and companies. About KowaBunga! Technologies…

6 Networks vs. MyAffiliateProgram Software Networks –Affiliate Relationships are “owned” by the network, not client –Communication is controlled by the network –No custom branding experience –Custom projects require large amounts of funds MyAffiliateProgram –Affiliate relationships are owned by the client –Communication can take whatever form the client wishes –All affiliate exposure is through a branded experience –Custom projects cost less because of our scalable technology –Client specific architecture

7 Introducing Kolimbo, The KB! Open Network Kolimbo is the 'Open' Affiliate Network. It is a free, open platform on which affiliates and merchants using MyAP by KowaBunga! Technologies can meet and create profitable relationships. Kolimbo merchants can work in an ‘open’ environment with private and direct access to their affiliates. There is no charge for establishing any contact nor for continuing any contact. Kolimbo merchants also enjoy the benefit of ‘No Network Commissions’ – all revenue generated between a merchant and an affiliate stays with those two parties, Kolimbo does not demand a percentage of a sale when it had no active role to play in that actual sale.

8 Please Visit Our Website At: For Further Information.

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