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Study guide/Test Questions and Answers

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1 Study guide/Test Questions and Answers
Into the Woods Study guide/Test Questions and Answers

2 1. What do each of the following characters wish for at the opening of the play?
Cinderella: She wishes to go to the festival. Jack: He wishes his cow would give milk. The Baker & His Wife: They wish to have a child. Little Red Riding Hood: She wishes to bring bread to her sick granny.

3 2. Who does Cinderella get to help her pick the lentils out of the ashes?
She gets birds to help her. 3. Why did the witch curse the Baker’s family? She cursed them because the Baker’s father took her special beans. 4. Who is the Baker’s sister? The Baker’s sister is Rapunzel. 5. What does Jack’s mom want him to do with Milky White? Jack’s mother wants Jack to sell Milky White.

4 6. What does the witch need the Baker and his Wife to go into the woods to get for her potion?
She needs the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, and the slipper as pure as gold. 7. Why is Cinderella going into the woods? She is going to visit her mother’s grave. 8. Why is Little Red going into the woods? She is going to visit her sick grandmother. 9. What convinces Little Red to go off the path? The wolf convinces Little Red to go off the path.

5 10. What does Jack sell Milky White to the Baker and His Wife for?
Jack sells Milky White for five of the witch’s special beans. 11. Who saves Little Red and her grandmother from the wolf? The Baker saves Little Red and her grandmother from the wolf.    12. What does Cinderella do when the Prince comes looking for her? Cinderella hides from the Prince. 13. What do Jack’s beans lead him to find? The beans lead Jack to find giants in the sky.

6 14. What does the mysterious man tell the Baker he has not thought of?
The man tells the Baker he has not thought of the price of having a child. 15. At the end of “Agony,” what do the Princes decide they will do with the women they’re after? The Princes decide they will marry the women. 16. Who is pursuing Cinderella’s Prince? Cinderella’s stepsisters are pursuing Cinderella’s Prince. 17. What ultimately happens to Milky White? Milky White dies.

7 18. What does the witch do to Rapunzel for seeing the Prince?
The witch uses magic to take off most of Rapunzel’s hair. 19. What does Jack tell Little Red is up in the sky with the Giants? Jack tells Little Red that the giants have a golden harp that plays itself. 20. What happens to Rapunzel’s Prince? He falls from Rapunzel’s tower and is blinded by thorns at the bottom. 21. What does Cinderella say her decision is once she gets stuck on the steps of the palace? Cinderella says she will not decide and let the Prince decide for her.

8 22. What does Jack’s mother say fell from the sky?
Jack’s mother says a giant fell from the sky. 23. Who is the mysterious old man, really? The mysterious old man is really the Baker’s Father. 24. What happens to the witch when the Baker and His Wife get her all she needs for her potion? The witch becomes beautiful thanks to the potion. 25. What do the stepsisters do to try to get Cinderella’s Prince? One stepsister cuts off her heel. The other sister cuts off her toe.

9 26. How does Rapunzel’s Prince get his eyesight back?
Rapunzel cries into the Princes’s eyes, and he gets his eyesight back. 27. What did the witch lose when she became beautiful? When she became beautiful, the witch lost her powers. 28. What grows during Act One Finale? A beanstalk grows during Act One Finale. 29. What are characters doing at the very beginning of Act Two? The characters are wishing again at the beginning of Act Two.

10 30. What does everyone say is better than never getting a wish?
Everyone says that regretting a wish is better than never getting a wish. 31. What trampled the witch’s garden? A giant trampled the witch’s garden. 32. Why does Rapunzel say she’ll never be happy? Rapunzel says she’ll never be happy because of how the witch treated her. 33. Who is Cinderella’s Prince after now? What about Rapunzel’s Prince? Cinderella’s Prince is after Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel’s Prince is after Snow White.

11 34. What gender is the giant?
The giant is a woman. 35. What happens to the narrator? The narrator gets thrown by the giant and dies. 36. What happens between the Baker’s Wife and Cinderella’s Prince after the Baker’s Wife and the Baker have a fight? The Baker’s Wife and Cinderella’s Prince kiss. 37. What has happened to Cinderella’s mother’s grave? Cinderella’s mother’s grave has been destroyed by the giant.

12 38. What do the characters try to do to each other once the Baker’s Wife dies?
The characters try to blame each other for what has happened. 39. What does the witch tell the other characters that they are? The witch tells the other characters that they’re “so nice.”    40. What do Cinderella, The Baker, Little Red, and Jack decide to do about the giant? They smear the ground with pitch, so the giant gets stuck. Then birds peck out the giant’s eyes. Then Jack leaps from the tree to slay the giant. 41. What does Cinderella’s Prince say he was raised to be instead of “sincere?” He says he was raised to be charming instead of sincere.

13 42. What do the Baker and Cinderella tell Little Red and Jack that witches can be?
The Baker and Cinderella tell Little Red and Jack that witches can be right. 43. What does Little Red offer to be for Jack? Little Red offers to be Jack’s mother. 44. What is the last line in the play? And who says it? The last line is Cinderella’s. She says, “I wish.”

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