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Internet as Teaching Tool Kenneth R. Szulczyk Lecture 5.

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1 Internet as Teaching Tool Kenneth R. Szulczyk Lecture 5

2 Teaching Methods Two methods Information website No interaction with students Students can download  Syllabus  Lecture notes  Research papers Interactive website with students Tutorial programs Proctor and grade exams and quizzes

3 Interactive Website Interactive Computer server has high security Viruses Worms Hackers – people who break into computers Difficult for educators to write interactive programs Make sure program does not open a security “hole” Computer specialists are very protective of the server

4 Interactive Website Interactive teaching Student’s computer and computer server have to interact Server contains a database Keep track of student’s scores What are the correct answers

5 Interactive Website Interact with students Teacher has to be good programmer and has access to computer server Difficult Specialized software like WebCT WebCT allows students to log in Students can take quizzes Download lecture notes, etc.

6 Information Website Fairly easy Teacher can have own website Teacher has control over his/her own material University or school has website Instructor has user access and password to upload his own webpages OR instructor sends webpages to web computer person

7 Information Website Student’s computer downloads information from web server Little interaction between web server and student’s computer Easy to maintain computer security

8 Information Website How to post HTML files Language of webpages Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files Acrobat Reader files

9 HTML Files Frontpage (Microsoft) Netscape Communicator Similar to a word processor The file name will have the extension.htm or.html Many programs will convert files into html

10 Word File to HTML

11 Excel to HTML

12 Power Point to HTML

13 Creating HTML I prefer to use Frontpage and Netscape Communicator Microsoft office tends to write messy html code Word, Excel, and PowerPoint You can copy and paste data and pictures onto the clip board Move objects between Frontpage and Microsoft Office

14 Creating HTML Example - Dissertation Defense 45 slides html file conversion File – loads first webpage Folder – contains 251 objects All 252 objects would have to be uploaded to web server to display correctly It is a nice webpage Has side board that allows person to view other slides

15 PowerPoint to HTML

16 Posting Objects You can post objects Word, Excel, and PowerPoint When student clicks on hyperlink The internet browser will either allow student to download file or display the file as if it were an internet file

17 Posting Objects Place the file in your website folder Example The file “Syllabus.doc”.doc means it is a Word document On webpage, create the hyperlink Syllabus and are html tags that define hyperlink

18 Posting Objects One Problem You are giving the world your material It is easy for other people to steal your work Example Someone can download your presentation Someone can steal your work  Not give you any credit

19 PDF Files One method Convert all files into Adobe Acrobat Reader files Files have extension.pdf Students can view or print files Students cannot copy or re-edit files Cannot copy and paste pdf files

20 PDF Files You can buy software from Adobe Acrobat Reader creator Allows you to define level of security Free software PrimoPDF You print your document and select PrimoPDF Creates a basic pdf file Weak security features

21 Create PDF File from Word

22 PDF File Creation

23 PDF Files You have a pdf file Place file in your website folder Example “teaching_syllabus.pdf” On webpage, create the hyperlink Syllabus

24 Problems with Internet Makes it hard for writers and instructors to make money Copyright Laws Lots of restrictions in U.S. I am not allowed to post the articles I gave you for class Articles come from education website Have to pay money for a subscription

25 Problems Same problem with e-books, music, and videos Artist or writer creates the work Someone posts their work and everyone downloads the work for free

26 Conclusion Internet is a potential powerful teaching tool Internet is a potential “world library” Now the internet contains a lot of garbage Anyone can post information on a website As search engines improve, it will become easier to find good material Companies pay search engines money Their websites come up as the first selections

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