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Library Electronic Resources in the EUI Library Veerle Deckmyn, Library Director Aimee Glassel, Electronic Resources Librarian 5 September 2012 1.

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1 Library Electronic Resources in the EUI Library Veerle Deckmyn, Library Director Aimee Glassel, Electronic Resources Librarian 5 September 2012 1

2 Library Welcome to the EUI Library 2 +

3 Library From the Library homepage click here for basic information about: Library Hours Training Courses Your EUI ID Card Library Catalogue My Library Account Library Collections Borrowing / Renewals Electronic Resources InterLibrary Loan Photocopying, Printing & Scanning Using Computers in the Library Library Rules 3 Information for New Users

4 Library Information Specialists: Economics - Thomas Bourke European Union - Evangelia Koundouraki History & Civilization - Serge Noiret Law - Machteld Nijsten Political & Social Sciences - Peter Kennealy Information for New Users 4 + The Library’s Information Specialists are available to help users needing assistance with in-depth research questions or with using the Library's special collections

5 Library Electronic Resources Outline Locating E-Resources E-Resources Tools Accessing E-Resources Questions? 5 +

6 Library Locating E-Resources at the EUI: Where to begin? 6 + Electronic Resources Library Catalogue Research Guides

7 Library E-Resources at the EUI: Language Coverage The EUI Library strives to provide access to e-resources in English as well as many other European languages. Some of the databases with content in languages other than English are: 7 +

8 Library Locating E-Resources: EUI Library Catalogue 8 Limit search to Electronic Resources or Electronic Journals The Catalogue includes entries for all the Library’s print materials, as well as all databases and electronic collections The Catalogue includes entries and links to our e-journals and e-books Journal articles are not indexed in the Catalogue

9 Library 9 Locating E-Resources: Catalogue Search: Databases If you know the title of the database you want to use, a Title Search in the Library Catalogue is the quickest way to access it

10 Library 10 Locating E-Resources: Catalogue Record Details: E-Journal Databases Link to database Partial list of e-journal titles included in the database Click to view full list of e-journal titles in the database

11 Library Locating E-Resources: Catalogue Search: Journals 11 + print journal electronic journal Print and electronic journals are usually presented in separate records in the EUI Library Catalogue

12 Library Locating E-Resources: Catalogue Record Details: E-journals 12 + Click to view Terms of Use Dates of full-text access Links to full-text in Catalogue record will work from on and off-campus. Full-text access is limited to dates listed in Catalogue record. Online Provider & link to full-text

13 Library Locating E-Resources: Library Catalogue Discovery Tool 13 For a Google-like search of the Catalogue try the Library Catalogue Discovery Tool

14 Library Locating E-Resources: Catalogue Discovery Tool: e-book example 14 electronic bookprint book

15 Library E-Resources at the EUI: Electronic Resources homepage 15 +

16 Library Locating E-Resources: E-Resources Lists 16

17 Library Locating E-Resources: Databases A-Z 17

18 Library Locating E-Resources: Electronic Journals 18 Browse by TITLE Search by TITLE or ISSN + Use the Electronic Journals List to browse or search for individual journal titles

19 Library Locating E-Resources: Electronic Journals List: example 19 Full-text: 1997 to present Full-text: 1997 to 2001 +

20 Library Locating E-Resources: Full-text E-Journal Providers & Collections 20 Click on a logo above to go to database via the EUI Library Catalogue.

21 Library Locating E-Resources: E-books 21 + Use the E-Books List for quick access to the most-used e- book collections. Individual e-book titles are included in the catalogue

22 Library Locating E-Resources: E-Book Providers and Collections 22 +

23 Library Locating E-Resources: E-Statistics 23 Use the Data Portal to access major statistical databases. Detailed descriptions and access instructions are also included.

24 Library E-Resources information available in the EUI Library Research Guides: Lists of discipline-specific E-Journals and Databases How-to Guides for individual databases Pointers to highly-specialized Internet resources Locating E-Resources: Research Guides 24 + Links to the Library’s Research Guides are available on the Library homepage as well as in the right navigation menu

25 Library E-Resources Tools 25 *

26 Library E-Resources Tools: Find Articles (and more) 26 * Bibliographical Databases help you find citations for items not listed in the Catalogue, including: Journal articles Book reviews Dissertations Conference proceedings They usually do not have full-text Many have enabled the EUI’s Linking to Full-Text service

27 Library Outside the EUI, add the “European University Institute” to the Library Links Setting in Google Scholar for full-text linking (automatically set for on-campus computers) E-Resources Tools: Google Scholar and Linking to Full-text 27 *

28 Library E-Resources Tools: Linking to Full-text: Google Scholar example 28 “Full-text@EUI Library” link goes to Linking to Full-text service

29 Library 29 Accessing E-Resources Most Library e-resources are accessible to EUI users from both on-campus and from home. Details on how to connect to the EUI Network are available from the Library website.

30 Library Accessing E-Resources: Off-Campus Access example 30 Use the 14-digit Library Code on your EUI ID Card when asked to login the Library’s electronic resources from off-campus

31 Library Accessing E-Resources: Terms & Conditions of Use General Restrictions: Use of the Library’s e-resources is governed by copyright laws and license agreements EUI users who violate the Terms of Use may lose access rights to e-resources Misuse by a single user could result in access being blocked for all EUI users 31 Users may not: Share logins/passwords Modify or create a derivative work of the licensed materials without permission Use the licensed materials for commercial purposes Systematically download, distribute or retain substantial portions of content, such as: Continuously download tables of contents, search results, citations, or output Download entire issues or volumes of an e-journal or entire contents of an e-book Use robots, spiders, or other automated programs to download content

32 Library Accessing E-Resources: Terms of Use in Catalogue Records 32 * Users must abide by all Terms of Use. Catalogue records provide information on the Terms of Use. Terms of Use and access restrictions are different for each database or e-journal provider. Contact Library staff if the Terms of Use or access restrictions are not clear.

33 Library Accessing E-Resources: Reporting Access Problems 33 *

34 Library Accessing E-Resources: Reporting Access Problems 34 * Submit an Online Problem Report Form for: Problems accessing the Library’s electronic resources, whether from on-campus or from home Downloading or printing problems with Library’s electronic resources Broken links in the Catalogue Provide enough detailed information so that the Library staff can replicate the problem, including: Full citation of article you are unable to access URL of page not working Any error messages received

35 Library Accessing E-Resources: Reporting Access Problems 35 * Where can I find links to the Problem Report Form? Library Catalogue – in the footer of every page The Library’s Request Forms page E-Resources home under the Access Information menu

36 Library User Training -- Library Courses Monitor Library’s website for details on: Library Training Courses and Tours –Training courses on specific databases and research topics – new courses are continually being added –Users can request a training session on a topic not covered by the current schedule Announcements about new databases Library Blog (launch date: 15 September) 36

37 Library Thank you for your attention. Are there any questions? 37 +

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