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Library Introduction to the EUI Library and Electronic Resources Peter Kennealy - Deputy Director Aimée Glassel - Electronic Resources Librarian 2 September.

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1 Library Introduction to the EUI Library and Electronic Resources Peter Kennealy - Deputy Director Aimée Glassel - Electronic Resources Librarian 2 September 2014 1

2 Library Welcome to the EUI Library 2 +

3 Library Follow The Library at a Glance link on the Library homepage to learn more about: Library Hours Training Sessions Your EUI ID Card Searching for Library Resources My Library Account Library Collections Borrowing / Renewals Electronic Resources InterLibrary Loan Photocopying, Printing & Scanning Using Computers in the Library Library Rules 3 Information for New Library Users

4 Library 4 Information for New Library Users

5 Library Economics - Thomas Bourke European Union - Evangelia Koundouraki History & Civilization - Serge Noiret Law - Machteld Nijsten Political & Social Sciences - Peter Kennealy Information Specialists 5 + See the September Programme for the dates and times of Library Introductions for First Year Researchers and Fellows Contact your Information Specialist for: Assistance with in-depth research questions Guidance on how to use the Library's special collections

6 Library The EUI Library strives to provide access to e-resources in English as well as many other European languages. Databases with content in languages other than English include: 6 + Language Coverage

7 Library Electronic Resources Outline Locating the Library’s E-Resources E-Resources Tools Accessing E-Resources Questions? 7 +

8 Library Locating the Library’s E-Resources: Where to begin? 8 + Electronic Resources Research Guides Search Box Catalogue

9 Library 9 Two Interfaces for three Search tabs: EUI Classic Catalogue Journal Articles Primo Search Box

10 Library 10 Locating E-Resources in the Catalogue The Catalogue (= Classic Catalogue) includes entries for all the Library’s print materials, databases and electronic collections. The Catalogue includes entries and links to our e-journals and e-books. Journal articles are not indexed in the Catalogue.

11 Library 11 Locating Databases in the Catalogue (part 1) TIP: TIP: If you know the title of the database or the name of the platform you want to use, a search in the Library Catalogue is the quickest way to access it. Search results show 4 databases hosted on the BrillOnline platform.

12 Library 12 Link to database Partial list of e-journal titles included in the database Click for full list of e-journal titles in the database Terms of Use TIP: TIP: Using the links for e-resources provided in the Library Catalogue ensures that you will be recognised as an EUI user from on and off- campus. Locating Databases in the Catalogue (part 2)

13 Library Locating Journals by Title in the Catalogue 13 + Print and electronic journals are usually presented in separate records in the EUI Library Catalogue. print journal electronic journal TIP: TIP: The years available for a journal may be different for print and electronic copies – check both records for complete holdings information.

14 Library E-Journal details in the Catalogue 14 + Click to view Terms of Use Dates of full-text access Links to full-text from the Catalogue will work from on- and off-campus. Full-text access is limited to the dates listed in the Catalogue record. Online Provider & link to full-text TIP: TIP: Keep in mind that the Library may have print holdings for years not available in full- text -- see the print record for details.

15 Library Locating E-Books in the Catalogue 15 electronic book print book

16 Library E-Book Providers and Collections 16 + 6,492 titles 118 titles 359 titles 260 titles 125,000 titles 50 titles 184,000 titles 65,000 titles 118 titles 3,800 titles 661 titles 123 titles 118 titles 8,000 titles 2,700 titles

17 Library 17 E-Book Restrictions of Use Examples of Variations on the Restrictions of Use between different E-Book Collections

18 Library E-Resources at the EUI: Electronic Resources homepage 18 +

19 Library Using the Databases Lists 19

20 Library Using the Electronic Journals List (part 1) 20 Browse by Title A-Z Search by Title + Use the E-Journals List to browse or search for individual journal titles (not articles) Remember: Remember: Print journal holdings are not included in the E-Journals list – If you don’t find the title you need or if the years you need are not listed, check the Catalogue to see if the Library has it in print Additional search options

21 Library 21 + or “SFX menu” Provider(s) and Dates of full-text access Using the Electronic Journals List (part 2)

22 Library Locating E-Resources: Full-text E-Journal Providers & Collections 22

23 Library Finding E-Statistics 23 The Data Portal lists all the major statistical databases and provides descriptions and access instructions are also included.

24 Library Research Guides: Discipline-specific E-Journals and Databases How-to Guides for individual databases Links to highly-specialized Internet resources Using Research Guides to locate E-Resources 24 +

25 Library E-Resources Tools 25 *

26 Library Find Journal Articles using the Primo search interface 26 Journal Articles tab: Searches the Primo Central Index for around 80% of the EUI Library’s subscribed journals Primo does not cover everything! See “Find Journal Articles” guide under the TOOLS section of the E- Resources homepage for other citation databases Search results include links to full- text articles when available from the EUI Library

27 Library Searching for Journal Articles and more using Primo, a new research tool 27 Journal Articles and Primo search form as it looks on the Library homepage Journal Articles and Primo search form in the “native” Primo interface You may start a search for Journal Articles from the Library’s homepage or from within Primo – the results are the same.

28 Library 28 Journal Articles search results in Primo Results sorted by Relevance – can change to Date- Newest, Author or Title of article Refine your results by: Resource Type Creation Date Language Journal title Author Collection Do I have access to the full-text for any of these articles?

29 Library 29 E-Journal Article details in Primo Example of result in search for: international cultural heritage law Links to Full-text from the Primo interface use SFX, the same system as EUI LINKS

30 Library 30 Expand search beyond Journal Articles by moving to the Primo tab Click on Primo tab to re-launch search across all resource types Search results in Primo tab increased by 70 hits Results in Primo tab include multiple resource types

31 Library Linking to Full-text with EUI LINKS (SFX) 31 * The button in bibliographic (article) databases offers links to full- text, when available from the EUI Library. EUI LINKS is an OpenURL resolver that uses SFX Article citation I found an article citation in a database … can I get to the full-text as with Primo? Bibliographic database “EUI LINKS” or “SFX” Full-text article with a link configured for EUI members

32 Library Linking to Full-text from Google Scholar 32 “EUI LINKS” goes to the EUI LINKS service EUI LINKS appears automatically in Google Scholar from on-campus computers. To use EUI LINKS from off-campus you must first configure your Google Scholar Settings by adding “European University Institute” to the Library Links – see the Google Scholar page in TOOLS section of the E-Resources page for details.

33 Library Information about: On-campus access Off-campus (remote) access via proxy and VPN Using Computers in the Library Network connections (WiFi) 33 Accessing E-Resources

34 Library Accessing E-Resources Off-Campus Access 34 You can access e-resources from anywhere via the Library’s secure proxy. Your 14-digit Library Code is noted on your EUI ID Card. Enter your Surname as it is listed on your on your EUI ID Card.

35 Library Terms & Conditions of Use All use of the Library’s e-resources is governed by copyright laws, license agreements and Terms of Use All EUI users must abide by Terms and Conditions of Use for e-resources EUI users who violate the Terms of Use may lose access rights to e-resources Misuse by a single user could result in access being blocked by providers for all EUI users 35 Contact Library staff if the Terms of Use or access restrictions are not clear.

36 Library Terms & Conditions of Use – part 2 36 Users may not… share logins or passwords systematically download, distribute or save substantial portions of content, such as: Rapidly downloading large amounts of tables of contents, search results, citations or output Downloading entire issues or volumes of an e- journal, an entire e-book or database Using robots or any automated program to download content use licensed content from for commercial purposes modify or create a derivative work based on licensed content without permission If you have a need for extensive content from a licensed resource, contact Library staff prior to use.

37 Library Reporting Access Problems 37 * Use the Online Problem Report Form to notify Library staff about: Problems accessing the Library’s electronic resources, whether from on-campus or from home Downloading or printing problems with Library’s electronic resources Broken links in the Catalogue, Primo or EUI LINKS Provide enough detailed information so that the Library staff can replicate the problem, including: Full citation of article you are unable to access URL of page not working Any error messages received Do not use the general EUI HelpDesk system to report e-resources problems Links to Library’s Problem Report Form: Catalogue footer E-Resources page

38 Library Keeping current on E-Resources JournalTOCS Tables of contents to 20,000 journals Links to full-text for nearly 3,000 titles Receive email alerts for new TOCs of favorite journals 38 Library Training Sessions and Tours Check regularly - courses are continually being added Users may request training sessions on topics not covered by the current schedule Library Blog & Twitter @EUILib Announcements of new databases and other resources

39 Library Thank you for your attention. We hope to see you this afternoon in the Library. Are there any questions? 39 +

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