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ADVERTISING Informs consumers about the existence

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1 ADVERTISING Informs consumers about the existence
and benefits of products / services (to buy)

2 Purchases – influenced by advertising???

3 Product / service  more attractive/different
to advertise = inform in order to encourage people to buy or use the product advertiser = a company or a person that advertises advertisement (advert, ad) = a particular piece of advertising Product / service  more attractive/different

4 Advertising depends on the:
money - size of your advertising budget size of your market - locally, nationwide, worldwide type of the target market

5 Firms advertise for four reasons:
make aware of new products remind about existing products persuade to switch from rival products improve the image of the business The ultimate aim: to sell more products

6 Advertising can be: informative – describe the product in an impressive-sounding way (make you free to make up your own mind about the product) persuasive – try to convince that you cannot survive without the product, play on fears and vulnerabilities, create desires

7 How companies advertise
in the company by own advertising departments hiring advertising agencies more resources more knowledge

8 Hiring an advertising agency
The client company gives: 1. Budget - an amount of money 2. Brief – objectives of the advertising campaign 3. Advertising strategy – message / media

9 The advertising agency
1. Creates advertisements 2. Develops a media plan 3. Does research of the target market

10 Spending on advertising
a) a fixed percentage of current sales revenue b) the comparative-parity method Match the competitors’ spending Excessive advertising is counter-productive

11 ADVERTISING MEDIA 1. Print media – newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets, journals 2. Broadcast media – TV, radio, cinema 3. Endorsement – famous people speak on behalf of a product 4. Outdoor advertising – posters, billboards 5. Displays of logos – at stadiums, on clothes, bags, stationery etc.

12 6. Websites - e-commerce, video games
7. Transportation - public transport vehicles, stations, stops 8. Point of sale - window displays, product demonstration, stands 9. Skywriting 10. Sponsorships - racing cars, championships, sports events 11. Viral marketing – information about products is spread by people telling other people or sending on s (buzz marketing)

13 Word-of-mouth advertising
Viral marketing (spreading commercial messages, like a virus, via peer-to-peer networks on the internet – hotmail, blogs, online forums, YouTube)

14 Social networking creates a “buzz”
idea – spreading quickly, at very little cost


16 Match up the verb-noun collocations:
1. to satisfy a) a new product 2. to develop b) attention 3. to inform c) needs 4. to build up d) a message 5. to draw e) blogs/online forums 6. to have f) consumers 7. to communicate g) sales 8. to create h) the target market 9. to increase i) advertisements 10. to launch j) an impact 11. to reach k) relationships 12. to set up l) a media plan

17 Put the following sequences of actions in the correct order:
1. Product: design, develop, distribute, launch, manufacture, sell, test __________________________________________________________ 2. Advertising: carry out campaign, develop advertisements, establish media plan, receive advertising brief 3. Distribution channel: end-user, manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler 4. Product life cycle: decline, maturity, introduction, withdrawal, growth _________________________________________________________ 5. Consumer behaviour: awareness, loyalty, preference, trial purchase 6. Consumer response: action, attention, desire, interest ___________________________________________________________

18 1. Why are social media so popular today? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________http:// 2. Make a short summary focusing on the part you like most. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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