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Día de los Reyes.

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1 Día de los Reyes

2   What is Día de los Reyes? On La Víspera de Reyes (the Eve of Three Kings Day) Puerto Rican children cut grass to put in a shoe box under their bed for the camels to eat. Their wish list is placed on top of the grass.

3 On this night children sleep lightly listening for any strange noises, whispers, or maybe sounds of the camels' hooves. The Reyes only come if the child has been good all year. If the children are awake they skip the house.

4 During the night Los Reyes arrive and quietly leave gifts for the children while their camels enjoy their snack.

5 Later in the day a holiday dinner is prepared and friends and relatives join in the festivities.
In the morning the island is filled with the joy and the laughter of happy children enjoying their new bikes, skates, dolls, and other toys. It is a joyful day full of celebration.

6 La Navidad en Mexico

7 Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe El 12 de diciembre
On this night, people attend a mass service to honor the day of the Virgen of Guadalupe. Usually they have a big dinner together with their church or family.

8 Posadas On December 16th Nativity scenes are set up all around. However, the figure of Baby Jesus is not put into the manger until December 24th. Starting on December 16th, people reenact the nativity story of Mary and Joseph, looking for a place to stay Each night there is a Posada, including Christmas Eve when they finally find a place to rest. The house that welcomes Mary and Joseph in has a big party for the whole neighborhood. On January 5th, the Three Kings are added to the Nativity Scene. The Kings bring children gifts and put them in their shoes.

9 Noche de Rabanos Night of the Radishes
On December 23rd in Oaxaca, Mexico they have a Radish Festival. Radishes are cut out to make Nativity Scenes and other figures.

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