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1 Español

2 La Navidad en España

3 La Navidad En España… We celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.
That is why we decorated our houses not only with but also with a representation of the nativity called Belén.

4 La Navidad So we have our regalos another day because Spanish children believe regalos are brought not by… But by… Los tres Reyes Magos (three wise men)

5 Los tres Reyes Magos Se llaman Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar.
They come from far East so they travel by… When baby Jesus was born a star in the sky showed them the way to where he was and they brought him presents.

6 22 de diciembre There is a big lottery play on T.V. for Christmas. Children sing the numbers and there is a lot of money for the first price, we called it “el gordo” (the fat one). Then later on you can see the winners on T.V celebrating champagne.

7 24 de diciembre We call this night Nochebuena (goodnight) that is Christmas Eve. We celebrated a big dinner with all the family, that is the Christmas dinner. We eat turkey, seafood, lamb…a very special meal and drinks. All the family gather together singing carols. Some people go out after dinner for a party the whole night but this night is a family night so normally you stay at home or at midnight you go to church. We do not have

8 El turrón It is very popular in Spain. It is similar to a chocolate bar in shape but this sweet is not just a chocolate bar. You can find many varieties.With almonds,honey…


10 25 de diciembre El día de Navidad.
Some people have lunch again with the family .Others stay in bed till late because they partied a lot the previous night. Some people go to the cinema or for a walk… We do not have boxing day.

11 28 de diciembre El día de los Santos Inocentes.
If you happened to be in Spain this day take care because today people play tricks on you.

12 La carta a los Reyes Magos
By now all Spanish children wrote their letters to Los Reyes Magos asking them for their regalos and telling them how buenos they have been . Queridos Reyes Magos… He sido muy bueno/a…

13 31 de diciembre Nochevieja (old night) because is the last night in the year. We have a big dinner, people dress very smart and after the dinner you go to a party till the morning. Before 12 o'clock everybody is ready to receive El nuevo año in a very particular way. We eat 12 uvas with each stroke of the clock. If you do it you will be very lucky for the next year.

14 5 de enero All the Spanish children are very nervous. Tonight they will receive their regalos but before… In the afternoon there is a big procession of the three wise men in the streets throwing millions of caramelos.

15 5 de enero Before they go to bed they leave the shoes on the window to get more caramelos and they leave some galletas y leche for the camellos. Then they go to bed early wishing they do not have carbón (coal) because that is what you get if you have been a bad boy.

16 6 de enero

17 Feliz Navidad Y Feliz Año Nuevo

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