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EUROPEAN NETWORK OF UNIVERSITY - ENTERPRISE COOPERATION (EUE-Net) a case of Good Practice in ERASMUS Thematic Networks Dan Grigorescu Professor, University.

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Presentation on theme: "EUROPEAN NETWORK OF UNIVERSITY - ENTERPRISE COOPERATION (EUE-Net) a case of Good Practice in ERASMUS Thematic Networks Dan Grigorescu Professor, University."— Presentation transcript:

1 EUROPEAN NETWORK OF UNIVERSITY - ENTERPRISE COOPERATION (EUE-Net) a case of Good Practice in ERASMUS Thematic Networks Dan Grigorescu Professor, University of Bucharest ROMANIAN – EEA COUNTRIES HIGHER EDUCATION CONTACT SEMINAR 12 March 2009

2 EUE-Net BACKGROUND EUE-Net a good case of continuity in action between distinct Programs for Higher Education of the European Commission: TEMPUS (1996-2000) and the Institution Building strategy intended to develop close cooperation between universities and non- academic institutions ERASMUS Thematic Networks (2004) - Transversal actions ERASMUS – Multilateral Projects – Co - operation between Universities and Enterprises Networks (2007)

3 Objectives: –Mapping the University-Industry cooperation in Europe, –Developing & Extending cases of good practice in U-I cooperation in Europe, –Enhance the students’ practical placement in Industry as the main tool of U-I cooperation. Outputs: –Book "Tuning Industrial Educational Structures in Europe" vol. I: Specialisations relevant for the Industrial sector. –Book “Tuning Industrial Educational Structures in Europe” vol. II: Practical placements for students –Web Databases: good practice research projects, research needs and offers, innovation & technological transfer, research needs and offers –Web Database with graduates per specializations in industrial sector and available jobs EUI-Net OBJECTIVES & OUTPUTS

4 European University - Industry Network (EUI-Net) 2004-2007 Erasmus Thematic Networks Contract No: Ref. 116343 - CP -1-2004-1- RO - ERASMUS – TNPP

5 EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY - ENTERPRISE NETWORK (EUE-Net) Socrates Erasmus Program- Networks Project No: Ref. 134546 - LLP -1-2007-1- RO - ERASMUS - ENW

6 EUE-Net objectives –Enhancing the Quality of practical placements of students, by development of a quality standard for quality of practical placement in enterprises –Increasing the presence of the entrepreneurs within the University activities by design, experiment and promotion of appropriate innovative mobility schemes involving entrepreneurs –Tuning Entrepreneurship - Defining generic entrepreneurial skills for the students and best profile of teachers in order to enhance the entrepreneurial approach within the University Sector. –Development and networking at European level the University entities having as natural vocation the link between University and Enterprise: Network of Career Development Offices.

7 EUE-Net Partners 55 institutional partners from 27 countries. –Universities - 33 (60%) –Enterprises (S, M) - 13 (23.64%) –Non-Profit national organizations 6 (10.90%) –Professional Associations - 2 (3.63%) –Research Institutions -1 (1.82%)

8 EUE-Net- Working Groups WP1: Quality of Student Placement Sub-Net WP2: Career Development offices Sub-Net WP3: Entrepreneurship teaching and learning Sub-Net WP4: Entrepreneurial mobility Sub-net WP5: Dissemination and exploitation of results WP6: Network expansion and sustainability WP7: Project management and evaluation

9 EUE-Net Outputs (selected) –EUE-Net Official Guidelines on Practical Placement of Students in Europe –EUE-Net CDO Sub-Network and European unified employment database –Teaching and Learning Entrepreneurship in Europe as a General competence –Guidelines for a "European Program for mobility of Entrepreneurs –Quality Procedures Manual

10 Guidelines for Practical Placement of students in Europe Content 1.Introduction: background, concepts, situation of PPS in the Member States, Meaning of “practical placement – definition and conceptualization in the different Countries cultures” 2.Models of PPS in Europe 3.Guidelines for the organization of PPS - Code of practice for the actors 4.Principles and code of practice for the actors: Teachers, tutors from enterprises and students.Objectives of the PPS and the expected learning outcomes. 5.Trans-national PPS 6.Open questions, new challenges in the enlarged Europe.

11 Q-PlaNet Erasmus Multilateral project – complements EUE-Net Q-Planet - A Model for Quality of trans-national student placements in Enterprises supported by the Socrates Erasmus Program of the European Commission Reference Project No: Ref. 142308-LLP-1-2008-1-DE-ERASMUS-ECUE

12 Celebrating 5 years anniversary of the European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators Organizers EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF ERASMUS COORDINATORS Host Institution University of Cyprus in cooperation with Cyprus LLP National Agency Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus European Office of Cyprus UNICA (Network of Universities of Capitals of Europe) EUE (European University-Enterprises Network) Municipality of Nicosia Cyprus Tourism Organization Under the auspices of the Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus

13 Erasmus Coordinators Conference 2009 and GO-Exchange Educational Fair ERACON-2009 The main themes of the conference include: ERASMUS Program 2008-2009 Quality of ERASMUS Activities EUC 2007-2013 Employability Continuing Education (LLP) Certification ECTS - European Credit Transfer System DS - Diploma Supplement SM - Student Mobility TM - Teacher Mobility OM - Organization of Mobility Staff Training Teacher Training Student Placements ERASMUS good practices ERASMUS Mundus Three Cycle Systems Funding and Policy Disabled students and teachers Linguistic preparation ICT support systems Joint and Double Degrees Erasmus and Life Professional Integration Student and Teacher Accommodation Mobility and Career Agreements/Institutions - Enterprises University – Enterprises cooperation

14 Useful web addresses for more details and information EUE-Net Q-PlaNet Forum University-Business 09_en.html Erasmus Coordinators Conference 2009, Nykosia 29 April-3 May 2009 International Student Week in Illmenau,8-17 May 2009

15 Instead of CONCLUSION Ján Figel,European Commissioner for Education and Training, Culture and Youth: “In difficult times, it is vital that we work together, that we exchange our ideas, discuss and debate together problems and possible solutions. This is all the more important in the area of university-business collaboration, which has traditionally not been one of Europe's strong points. Working in partnership is more important than ever, especially for academia, research and businesses." (Opening the Forum University-Business Cooperation,5 February,2009)

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