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Documenting Academic Research:

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1 Documenting Academic Research:
Current Rules for Using MLA Formatting

2 Styles of Documentation
*Documenting sources establishes the writer’s credibility. *The “style” of the documentation depends upon the specific discipline of the writing.

3 Styles of Documentation
*MLA (Modern Language Association) used in English, foreign languages, and other humanities *APA(American Psychological Association) used in psychology & other social sciences *Chicago (University of Chicago Press) used in history, philosophy, and other specified humanities *CSE (Council of Science Editors) used in physical and biological sciences and mathematics.

4 MLA Style MLA style requires: *specific format for the research paper
*brief in-text documentation *complete list of works cited after the text of the research.

5 Formatting the Paper *Margins: 1” from top, bottom, left and right. *Header: Writer’s last name and page number. ½” from top on the right. *Heading: Against Left Margin. Writer’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name and Section Date: day Month year *Paper’s Title (centered)

6 Formatting the Paper *Spacing and indents: Entire paper including the Works Cited page is double spaced. The first line of each paragraph should be indented one-half inch from the left margin. *Long quotations: Specific longer quotes (3-4 lines) need to be set off from the rest of the essay. (1” or 10 spaces from the left margin with NO quotation marks.)

7 In-Text Citations Material in the research paper that is quoted, summarized, paraphrased, and/or otherwise learned from either a primary or secondary source requires a citation within the body of the research paper. Citation usually needs a “signal phrase” for transition introducing the material into the text of the essay. Citation comes at the end of the material taken from the source and includes the author’s last name with the page number from the article or source.

8 In-Text Citation: What It Looks Like

9 Formatting the Paper The Works Cited page:
*is the last page(s) of the document, all double spaced. * has its title centered at the top with the entries double spaced below. *has each entry beginning against the left margin. *alphabetizes each entry by author’s last name, or by title (excluding articles) if no author is listed in the entry. *indents subsequent lines ½” (hanging indent). *

10 The Formatted Works Cited Page

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