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Human Resources – Recruitment and Placement

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2 Human Resources – Recruitment and Placement
Department of the Army and the Air Force Office of the Adjutant General Human Resources Office USA Staffing/USA Jobs – Applying for Idaho National Guard Technician Positions Human Resources – Recruitment and Placement

3 Agenda Office of the Adjutant General Human Resources Office
Department of the Army and the Air Force Office of the Adjutant General Human Resources Office Introduction / Purpose Vacancy Announcement Location Job Search Vacancy Announcement Application Process Agenda

4 Introduction & Purpose
USA Staffing allows the Idaho National Guard (ING) to Post vacancy announcements on USA Jobs Accept applications via the internet or fax Instant application receipt notification Analyze applicant competencies and qualification Timely notification of qualification rating & non-selection Timely turnaround on rating applications and publishing certificate of eligible applicants Wider applicant pool Snail-Mail lag time eliminated

5 Vacancy Announcement Location
Location of vacancy announcements

6 Job Search Search jobs Agency Search AIR FORCE, DEPARTMENT OF
Air National Guard Units ARMY, US DEPARTMENT OF THE National Guard Units Applicant Eligibility: Click “Yes” to see vacancy announcements for ING Members/Technicians and All Sources Click “No” to see All Sources Search for jobs The link for Army & Air vacancies will be on the HRO website

7 Vacancy Announcement Once the search is complete, the results are sorted by vacancies closing soonest

8 Vacancy Announcement continued... Vacancy Announcement view

9 Vacancy Announcement To apply electronically continued...
Bottom of screen to apply online To apply electronically

10 Vacancy Announcement continued... To apply by fax or to print entire application To print entire announcement and/or fax application

11 Application Process Create a new account For an existing account

12 Application Process – New Account
Question portion of new account set-up

13 Application Process Apply! continued... Choose Resume
Choose the resume wanted for vacancy announcement Apply online! Apply!

14 Application Process – Application
Once the resume has been submitted, complete the questionnaire

15 Application Process – Questionnaire
continued... Please answer all questions

16 Application Process Any changes? Send questionnaire continued...
Once completed, make any changes needed or send questionnaire Send questionnaire

17 Application Process continued... confirmation of receipt

18 Application Process After your application is submitted
continued... After your application is submitted You will receive confirmation By if your application was submitted electronically Fax confirmation (transmittal confirmation) by fax Ensure that your resume has been sent to USA Jobs Electronically Fax

19 Application Process continued... Read the announcement carefully to ensure all documentation has been forwarded with application Applications must be received by 1700 hours (Mountain Time) of the closing date Failure to provide complete information may result in you not receiving consideration for the position Applications mailed to HRO will not be accepted and will be returned to sender The fax number for applications is: When faxing, be sure to use the OPM Form 1203-FX (questionnaire) and the official coversheet DO NOT mail applications to HRO Coversheet is mandatory for all faxed documents

20 Job Search Agent After creating a new account, USAJobs has the option of setting up job search agents. They will automatically send you an when an announcement meets the requirements you have set. This can be set up in “MY USAJOBS”

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