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E NGLISH C ONVERSATION 2 Final Exam Study Guide Network 2 Matthew Awalt.

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1 E NGLISH C ONVERSATION 2 Final Exam Study Guide Network 2 Matthew Awalt

2 Test Schedule Listening Exam: This exam will take place in our regular classroom during regular class times. It will include questions about all of the units studied throughout the semester. ● June 16 ( Thursday) Speaking Exam: Exams will be done one on one with your instructor. Speaking tests will be limited to 5 minutes. ● Group 1: Tuesday, June 9 th ● Group 2: Thursday, June 11 th Your test will consist of 3 speaking tasks from the 4 units we have studied in the second half of this semester: ● Unit 12: All about money ● Unit 14: I need a vacation! ● Unit 15: At the office ● Unit 16: Around the house

3 Listening Exam: General Information Rules & Notices Do not write in the answer booklet! Answers are to be recorded on a separate answer sheet. Points will be deducted for writing in the test booklet. Do not open the test booklet before the test begins. You will be told when you may open the test booklet. There will be 5 minutes reading time at the beginning of the test. Use this time to read over the answers and questions in the test booklet. You may ask questions during the reading time if necessary. After the reading time is over, the door will be locked. If you are late and the door is locked you will not be allowed in to write the exam. (If you don’t take the listening exam you will fail the course). Make sure your mobile phones are put away and turned off! Cheating on the exam will result in an automatic F grade in this class. University administration will also be informed and may result in further disciplinary actions according to university policy.

4 Listening Exam: General Information Section 1 – Vocabulary (16 points) ● Part 1 :: Picture based (6 points) ● Part 2 :: Picture based (6 points) ● Part 3 & 4 :: Chart based (4 points) Section 2 - Question and Response (24 points) ● Choose the best response to the questions/statements you hear. Section 3 – Cloze Test (8 points) ● Listen to the recordings. Fill in the blanks using words from the word box. Section 4 – Listening Comprehension (12 points) ● 1 monologue / 3 Conversations (3 questions for each)

5 Speaking Exam The final speaking exam will be in the form of a partner based interview with your instructor. You will be asked to complete 3 of the 4 language tasks. Exams will be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes each, so you must be prepared and be ready to answer questions and respond when asked. If you are unable to produce an appropriate response in the time provided, you will receive an incomplete score for that section of the exam. So please… study and be ready!

6 Unit 12: All About Money In the future Instructions: The teacher will ask you about some questions about the future using “will”. The student should answer the teacher’s questions and expand. Practice Book activities: ● Pages 33-34

7 Speaking: ▪Your future Always remember to keep the conversation going by: ▪expanding ▪asking follow-up questions. Practice Book: Page 33

8 Speaking: ▪By 2050… Make predictions for the future using will/won’t and may/might. Remember to give reasons for your predictions. Practice Book: Page 34

9 Unit 14: I Need a Vacation If I have time tonight... Instructions: Ask questions using the first conditional (What will you do if…?). Your partner will answer the question using the first conditional form (If I…, I will…) and expand. Answer follow up questions. Practice Book activities: ● Pages 36,37,38,39

10 Speaking: ▪If everything goes as planned… Make sure you expand and ask follow up questions!!!

11 Speaking: ▪What will you do? Always remember to keep the conversation going by: ▪expanding ▪asking follow-up questions.

12 Speaking: ▪When things don’t go as planned ➢ Follow the example and complete the activity. ➢ Remember to expand and ask follow-up questions.

13 Speaking: ▪Good advice ➢ Put yourself in each situation and ask your partner for advice.

14 Unit 15: At the Office. I have to study tonight. Instructions: Talk about obligations using have to and/or don’t have to. The teacher will give you card prompt with an activity and a future time. Make a sentence using have to and/or don’t have to that is true for you. Practice Book activities: ● Pages 40,41

15 Speaking: Obligations Circle have to or don’t have to in order to make the sentence true for you. Expand and ask follow up questions.

16 Speaking: Do you have to…? ▪Which of the things do have to do? ▪Discuss them with your partner.

17 Unit 16: Around the House What’s the matter? Instructions: Talk about problems and give advice using should / shouldn’t The teacher will give you card prompt with a problem. State that you have a problem and ask for advice from your partner. The teacher will then describe a problem and you must give advice using should / shouldn’t. Practice Book activities: ● Pages 44,45,46,49

18 Speaking: ▪So many problems Follow the question pattern to complete the activity. Make sure you give you give two pieces of advice.

19 Speaking: Staying healthy Ask your partner to give you advice on how to stay healthy. Remember to use should/shouldn’t

20 Speaking: ▪Suggestions Example: A: I want to take my family out for a delicious meal. Where should I take them. B: You should take them to the new Italian restaurant down the street. A: I already did but they didn’t like it. Where else should I take them? B: You should take them to the Japanese restaurant beside the school. A: Okay. Thanks for the advice.

21 Speaking: ▪Suggestions ▪Agree or disagree with each opinion. ▪Expand your answer by giving reasons why you agree or disagree.

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