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Adventure Works “Construction Expert Team Brokers Link” Roberto Armana President - CEO PCA SpA September 2010.

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1 Adventure Works “Construction Expert Team Brokers Link” Roberto Armana President - CEO PCA SpA September 2010

2 The idea The opportunity The potential Hypothesis of constituting a team of experts in the Construction and Large-scale infrastructure sector, able to attract business worldwide. Unite experience and the references of members in order to develop opportunities. Provide consultancy and placement for the most important risks managed on a global scale. Summary of the project

3 After some research, we hereby present a hypothesis, open to integration or variations, of the subjects which appear to be most suitable: RETAIL BROKERS  PCA - Promoter of the initiative and coordinator Partner Europe  FRANK CRYSTAL Partner USA  CORRECOL Partner South America  NEW WORLD INSURANCE Partner Asia REINSURANCE PARTNER COOPER GAY – relative to reinsurance placement when necessary List of participants to the Project

4 Main activity of the Team Monitoring the principal international brokerage tenders made up of the most important Principals, relative to public or private works of relevant importance; Monitoring of Emerging Countries in the Construction Sector, with dedicated offers of insurance service, where possible, adding value with know how and local relationships for the Construction Companies which show interest in such locations; Support to the Brokers Link members lacking specialization in this specific field, in order to successfully approach key Clients in the Construction Sector within their own countries.

5 Activity of the Coordinator and of the Partners Coordinator Database for the control and monitoring of international tenders Mapping of emerging countries and timeline for Construction tenders Coordination of the Team and Leader of periodical activities Coordinator of periodical meetings and team leader in new projects Partners Control of tenders within their area of competence Selection of clients within their area of competence Activity of Team Leader for business located within their own area of competence. Participation in the activity as per request of Coordinator Participation in periodical meetings organized by Coordinator

6 Characteristics of the people dedicated to the Team The people who participate in the projects must have a profile which is compatible with the high specialization requested, a high level of experience in large contracts, international experience in reinsurance placement and management of large Clients, as well as familiarity both in the Bonding and Risk Engineering markets.

7 Data Information PCA is working on a new database, provided by a software house specialized in this sector, able to monitor all the tenders worldwide (USA, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia) in a specific frame: - Tenders from Principals – Construction and Large Scale Infrastructure for Insurance Covers – Consultancy – Risk Analysis – Risk Assessment.

8 Threshold of entry minimum value of brokerage commissions per single deal €.100.000,00 Subdivision of the earned brokerage  1) Activity directed by the Team Subdivision in equal parts with a 10% management fee to the Team Leader in the placement.  2) Activity of support to Members 40% to BL members – 60% as per point 1)

9 The references must be authorized by the BL TE; The structure is focused on new business Support in new business for any BL member without specialization Communication and Marketing Board of Directors Each member in its country Extend the offer to Bonding Risk assessment Loss adjustment Legal assistance Rules and Plan of action

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