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Career number 1. E- Discovery Professional  Electronic Discovery- Technology based Identifies, preserves and manages electronically stored information.

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1 Career number 1

2 E- Discovery Professional  Electronic Discovery- Technology based Identifies, preserves and manages electronically stored information  Definition of legal Discovery Procedural legal rules where the parties to a lawsuit exchange information and documents in effort to discover relevant facts to the lawsuit and identify potential witnesses and evidence

3 E- Discovery Professional  Technology based Very valuable to old attorneys and clients who are not good at using computers

4 E- Discovery Professional  Who’s doing it? People with backgrounds in Law and/or information technology  Paralegals- majority  Attorneys- Increased demand and salaries

5 E- Discovery Professional  What they need to know Legal System Information Technology (IT) computers

6 E- Discovery Professional  On the Job Training New field  Duties Liaison between teams (legal, IT, records management) Collection of legal information Writing legal documents Educating clients about legal matters Follow Federal guidelines on electronic legal info.

7 E- Discovery Professional  Environments Law firms, big businesses, schools, government  Salaries $125, 000 - $250,000 in big markets  Demand Field has grown 300% in the past several years Most jobs on Monster.Com are in VirginiaMonster.Com

8 Litigation Support  Support Lawyers in the litigation process Litigation- a legal proceeding in a court; a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights  Usually in very large cases or with very large clients

9 Litigation Support  Who’s doing it Paralegals (post-secondary education) IT professionals (post-secondary education)  Educational requirements Some college up to Masters level

10 Litigation Support  What they need to know? How to manage documents on the computer ○ Word, PowerPoint, Excel, graphics Strong communication skills ○ Talk to lawyers, clients, tech people Organization Attention to detail Critical thinking Legal System

11 Litigation Support  Job Duties Manage large scale litigation Design and implement databases for managing large amounts of data Assist with technology in the courtroom Support and train others in using legal software Supervise underlings

12 Litigation Support  Where to work Law firms, big companies and consulting firms  Salary $40,000 - $80,000  Job outlook High Demand

13 Paralegal/ legal assistant  Description of job  A paralegal assists lawyers in performing their jobs. They help them with a variety of tasks, including preparing for trials, hearings and closings; doing research; and drafting legal documents. Paralegals are sometimes called legal assistantslawyers

14 Paralegal/ legal secretary  Job Duties preparing legal documents such as affidavits, briefs and contracts maintaining documents using a paper or electronic filing system organizing exhibits for a trial meeting with clients to discuss details of cases Filing pleadings with court clerks In some states, they can even act as a lawyer

15 Paralegal  Skills needed Computer program knowledge Fast typing Good communication Organization Legal Knowledge Dedication to long hours

16 Paralegal  Educational Requirements 2 years associates Some have 4 year degrees Some places offer on the job training  A certificate of training is necessary

17 Paralegal  Environment Law firms Large corporations with legal departments  Job Outlook The field is still growing So the outlook is good  Advancement Good and experienced paralegals can be promoted to managerial positions

18 Paralegal  Salary  $22 per hour  $46,000 a year.  Jobs around here

19 Lawyers  Educational Requirements Undergraduate degree ○ Strong knowledge of History, Political Science, Sociology and Philosophy) ○ Other areas- Economics, business, finance, math Pass LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) High GPA- shows work ethic and general ability

20 Lawyers  Educational Requirements  Law School 1 st year- required courses ○ Civil Procedures ○ Contracts ○ Constitutional law ○ Criminal law ○ Legal writing ○ Ethics ○ torts

21 Lawyers  Law School 2 nd and 3 rd years ○ Specialized classes ○ Begin working in law firms as interns ○ Participate in mock court sessions ○ Participate in law clinics ○ Research for writing in legal journals  Cost per year UK- 25k, U of L- 26K, 27K

22 Lawyers  Types of Lawyers Criminal and Civil  Criminal law Deal with crimes that have been broken Homicide, drugs, even traffic violations  Civil Law Domestic disputes- divorce Corporate cases- contracts and taxes

23 Lawyers  Car Accident Lawyers Deals with insurance claims and making sure YOU GET YOUR MONEY  Medical Malpractice Lawyers Deal with medical cases where a doctor could have been at fault Strong medical background necessary  Divorce Lawyers Handle divorces

24 Lawyers  Bankruptcy Lawyers Handle the legal proceedings of a bankruptcy Offer options to get out of bankruptcy Big Businesses or personal  Immigration Lawyers  Patent Lawyers  Consumer Fraud Laywers

25 Lawyers  Salaries Family lawyer- 51,000 Criminal lawyer- 53, 000 Bankruptcy- 107,000 Corporate- 50,000-90,000 Accident- 32, 000 Immigration- 59,000 Patent – 84,000

26  Salaries Law firms/law office- 57-103k Civil litigation- 59-101k Government 60-106k

27 Lawyers  Criminal Defense Defend people accused of breaking a low Could be court appointed (less money)  Prosecuting Lawyers Lawyers who work for the Government and work to convict accused criminals District Attorneys Not as well paid

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