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Cinderella: A Turn in Love

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1 Cinderella: A Turn in Love
By: Tamara Smith

2 Once upon a time in a far away town, Angel sat writing in her journal writing how much she hated Cinderella.

3 January 1, 1499 Dear Diary, Hi, my name is Angel, and I am the stepsister of Princess Cinderella. Cinderella and prince charming are getting a divorce. The reason why they are getting a divorce is because she tried to poison him, they say she loved him just for the money.

4 January 2, 1499 Dear Diary, Today the Dutchman went around town saying, “The prince needs a new wife.” Of course Ashley and mother were already on their way to the kingdom trying to get the prince. I just have a feeling that he is going to say no.

5 January 3, 1499 Dear Diary, I woke this up morning and mom kicked me out. She sent me to live with her friends.

6 January 16, 1499 Dear Diary, Sorry, I haven’t talked to you in a while; I a got a big makeover. Also I am still sad that my mom gave me away. It turns out that the family I moved in with had a lot of money, and they are trying to get me to marry the prince.

7 January 17, 1499 Dear Diary, Today I am going to meet the prince I am so excited.

8 January 18, 1499 Dear Diary, Meeting the prince was so much fun. I got to dance with him. He said that I was so much nicer and cuter than the last time. My mom talked to the King who talked to the prince, and she won’t tell me what he said. I am so scared. I hope he marries me.

9 January 20, 1499 Dear Diary, Today is the sentencing for Cinderella. I still can’t believe that she poisoned the prince. I am so excited I hope she goes to jail for a long time.

10 January 21, 1499 Dear Diary, In the Courtroom today, Cinderella is guilty for poisoning the prince. I am so happy. She got sentenced life in prison.

11 January 22,1499 Dear Diary, The King and Queen asked us to come to the castle today. I wonder why?

12 January 23, 1499 Dear Diary, I am engaged! The prince proposed to me! Take that mom and Ashley.

13 January 31, 1499 Dear Diary, Today is the wedding. I am so happy. My bridesmaids are my friends from school. My dad from my new family is giving me away. I am so happy Cinderella is in jail and I am getting married.

14 February 5, 1499 Dear Diary, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Cinderella is dead. They say she died from starvation. The bad news is that I have to go to her funeral. It’s the royal thing to do said the king. I don’t want to go I don’t even like her.

15 February 14, 1499 Cinderella has a kid. In the last town she was in she did the same thing only she had a kid. So was a gold digger she loved money. We decided to adopt Cinderella’s child because she is nothing like her mother she is sweet while her mom is ugly.

16 January 1, 1500 Dear Diary, I am now the queen today! The prince’s mother and father step down from the position. So now I am the queen, and my husband is the king, and my child is the princess. We are now the royal family.


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